Top executives of companies becoming students again to understand new technology

Top executives of companies becoming students again to understand new technology

Tanmay Saxena, chief operating officer of online pharmacy 1mg, became a student again a month ago. He signed up for the education course platform Coursera for the 'An I for Everyone' course. Due to the presence of a lot of information related to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the increasing importance of this technology in business, Saxena decided to learn it.

In addition to AI, there is a growing need for emerging technologies like machine learning, blockchain, and data analytics to drive new business models and change the workplace. Due to this, now senior executives with 12-15 years of experience are feeling the need to learn new skills. Experts say that the most important question facing companies' CXO is how to integrate their long-term business strategy with the existing AI capability.

A survey conducted by Great Learning among senior professionals with more than 12 years of experience, nearly 70% of the professionals, acknowledged that AI is expected to play an important role in their company's business roadmap. They said that instead of some information about AI, they want to understand its theory and tools better.

Hari Nair, the co-founder of Great Learning, said, "There has been a rapid increase in the number of senior professionals who are conducting inquiries for our data science, analytics, AI and machine learning programs. About 30% of the students learning these programs are senior professionals.

Great Learning, in association with the University of Texas, has launched a program for business leaders called 'An I for Leaders'. It teaches the use of AI and data to interact with customers and improve operations. The program will have sessions by industry experts, which will help them to implement the concept in a practical way. Nair said, "We are also interested in new technology for services and product technology companies, consulting firms, e-commerce companies, and senior executives from the automobile, healthcare, and banking sectors."

Seeing this trend, other education technology platforms are also adapting their content according to senior professionals. Earlier this year, Udemy started an executive briefing course. It emphasizes senior leaders to understand the concepts of AI, machine learning, big data, and blockchain. The company said that its customers include several executives of Wipro and Tech Mahindra.