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The dangerous and mysterious world of hackers

 The dangerous and mysterious world of hackers The war is no longer fought only in the forests, mountains, and plains as before. Now the new battlefield is cyberspace. That is why all the powers of the world are trying to strengthen their cyber power. Part of this effort is the hacking army. However, no country in the world is openly saying that we are preparing a hacking army. But different countries have been preparing and practicing it for a long time. Today we are going to tell you about the dangerous and mysterious world of hackers based in Iran, Russia, and North Korea. Russia - Hacker's Hero In the 1990s, Russian police were unaware of cybercrime. After the breakup of the Soviet Union, many Russian electrical engineers and mathematicians became unemployed. At the same time, they began to explore the world of the Internet for a living. At the time, Russia was not very sensitive about cybersecurity. Andrei Shoshnikoff, a Russian investigative journalist, said: "The hackin