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AI engaged in finding a cure for corona

Artificial Intelligence engaged in finding a cure for corona Scientists around the world are working to find a cure for the dangerous coronavirus. In this episode, with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI), treatment for this dangerous virus is being discovered. A team of researchers, including Bharatvanshi, is engaged in identifying hundreds of such existing drugs using AI. Corona patients can be treated with their help. "There is an urgent need to identify drugs to treat or prevent corona infection," said Professor Anand Shankar Ray of the University of California, USA. We have developed a system using AI to find similar drugs. Many possible drugs can be identified from this. Researchers associated with this study say that there has been some success in the treatment of corona with drugs such as Remedisvier. It may take several months for the vaccine to arrive It may take several months before the vaccine is delivered compared to the virus. Therefore it is very importan

The Real-World Benefits of Machine Learning in Healthcare

The real-world benefits of machine learning in healthcare It is safe Medicine has many manual procedures. During the training, I hand wrote lab values, diagnoses, and other chart notes on paper. I always knew this was the place where technology could help improve my workflow and hopefully it also improves patient care. Since then, the progress of electronic medical records has been remarkable, but the information they provide is no better than replacing old paper charts. If technology is to improve care in the future, then the electronic information provided to doctors must be enhanced by the power of analytics and machine learning. Using these types of advanced analytics, we can provide better information to doctors on the point of patient care. With easy access to blood pressure and other important signals, I have seen my patients become regular and expectant. Imagine how much more useful it would be if I could read the last 500 blood pressure readings, laboratory test results, race,