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Google Workspace and Google Chat are now for everyone

Google Workspace and Google Chat are now for everyone Google has opened Google Workspace and Google Chat for its users. Now all users with Google Accounts will be able to use Google Workspace, G Suite. With this update, Google users will now be able to use more new systems in Google Apps, including Gmail, Docs, Chat, Meet, Drive, and Sheets. All these apps can now be used in one tab.

The era of Windows 7 is over, upgrade to Windows Ten for free

The era of Windows 7 is over, upgrade to Windows Ten for free Microsoft has just shut down Windows 7. Windows 7, which went public ten years ago in October 2009, is now dead. It is said that Windows 7 was a solid operating system, with millions of computers still running on it. What if you are still running Windows 7 on your device? So you can still run the computer on this operating system. But from a security standpoint, this is not going to be good. Because Microsoft will no longer bring any security updates and fixes for Windows Seven. Because of this, your computer will always be at risk. But Microsoft is still offering users a free upgrade to Windows Ten. The company has removed its special upgrade offer site but has activated Windows Ten's license for users upgrading to Windows 7 and 8.1. If your laptop or PC supports the minimum requirements of Windows Ten, it is possible to upgrade it from Microsoft's site. But upgrading from Windows 7 to Ten can erase your apps and se

TikTok launched the Bug Bounty program to strengthen security

TikTok launched the Bug Bounty program to strengthen security The video app is in a difficult situation due to sanctions from countries like India, Pakistan, and Indonesia and the ongoing war with the US government. Instead of sinking into the abyss of despair, the company, which is facing many challenges at once, seems to be fighting like a true warrior on the battlefield. TikTok is partnering with several platforms to enhance its image, such as TikTok recently partnering with OpenSlate for advertiser brand protection. It has now announced the launch of the Bug Bounty program in partnership with HackerWan. The Bug Bounty program is an extension of the already-running Vulnerability Disclosure Program, the company said. Explaining the purpose of the event in a blogpost, TikTok said the partnership with Hackervan would help the company secure the support of security researchers, experts, academics, and other independent individuals capable of detecting bugs and vulnerabilities. This boun

Security vulnerabilities in popular antivirus software!

Security vulnerabilities in popular antivirus software!  Cybersecurity researchers have revealed that popular antivirus software has security vulnerabilities. According to a report released by CyberArc Lab, such vulnerabilities have been used by cyber-attackers to increase their presence in computer systems and to infiltrate compromised systems with malware. According to the report, such vulnerabilities in antivirus products have made the system more vulnerable to file manipulation attacks. This allows the malware to easily penetrate the compromised system. This type of bug has affected many antivirus solutions. Among them are Kaspersky, McAfee, Symantec, Fortinet, Checkpoint, Trend Micro, Avira, and Microsoft Defender. Currently, all of these software bugs have been addressed by their respective manufacturers, but users are beginning to mistrust the security method. This type of bug allows the attacker to delete files from anywhere in the system. It also allows bad characters to delet