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6 Ways to Speed ​​Up an Old Laptop

6 Ways to Speed ​​Up an Old Laptop If your Windows laptop is out of date, replacing it is not a good option. The look of a laptop alone is not enough to be happy. If its performance is sluggish, you will be the one to worry about. So if you want to make your laptop longer, you may need to replace some hardware and maintain the software. Then your work will be not only economical but also environmentally friendly. 1. Insert SSD i.e. Solid State Drive Sometimes a mechanical hard drive has to carry a large load of work and in such a case the other responsibilities of the computer cannot be rotated by this fun. In that case, remove your DVD drive and replace it with a solid-state drive SSD. Then your laptop will start working better. And the old drive can be used to store games, videos, and photos. Solid-state drives use flash memory. It is less volatile than part of a typical mechanical hard drive. All you need is a 2.5-inch solid-state drive, which is similar to a 500 GB Samsung Evo. You