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Deep learning

Deep learning Deep learning is a type of machine learning that involves the use of algorithms called artificial neural networks to learn from data. Unlike traditional machine learning algorithms, which are designed to learn from a limited set of features, deep learning algorithms can learn from a vast amount of data and discover hidden patterns and relationships in the data.

Don't be fooled by machine learning and deep learning

Don't be fooled by machine learning and deep learning Deep learning and machine learning are the most popular words in the world of artificial intelligence. But do you know what deep learning and machine learning are? In fact, they are both parts of artificial intelligence. Although the parts of the same technology sound the same, they are completely different, but complementary to each other. Before understanding these two, let me explain what is artificial intelligence.

This is how machine vision and deep learning can be used in agriculture

This is how machine vision and deep learning can be used in agriculture There are many kinds of problems in our daily life. We are always adopting new methods for the solution of which. Technology has developed so much in recent times that every field is incomplete without it. Today I am trying to do something different, but relevant. You must have heard the name of Computer Vision. To understand this, it is necessary to examine some experimental contexts. Imagine a mango orchard. Now think about how to solve this space problem using machine-related resources. In fact, computer vision is related to the visual spectrum. It has different colors that penetrate the eye and you see. The reason why color is added here is that if a lot of light comes from an object, it looks bright. But if there is less light on an object, it looks dark. In this sense, light is very important in machine and computer vision. Now let's talk about some of the challenges of machine vision in the external scen

We are surrounded by artificial intelligence

We are surrounded by artificial intelligence How do people learn? He does not learn everything at birth. Gains knowledge through various events, studies, hard work, mistakes, etc. over time. It is possible to teach the instrument in the same way. The teacher expelled Rancho from the class in "Three Idiots" because he could not give a literal definition of the instrument. He said that which can reduce human labor is therefore instrumental. We know about performance limitations. But intelligence? There is no less discussion about the limitations of the intelligence of the most intelligent people in the world. There is a lot of practice about what percentage of the brain we are using, or how much we can do. Besides, the idea is to increase the performance of the devices and add intelligence to them. Suppose you search by letter and find a number of names in the phone's call list, but the name of the person you are looking for is immediately called. Your hard work is worth it

What is deep learning? Meaning.

What is deep learning? Meaning, work Deep learning is a sub-field of machine learning and an aspect of artificial intelligence. To understand this more easily, understand that it is meant to emulate the learning approach that humans use to acquire certain types of knowledge. This is somewhat different from machine learning, often people get confused in this and machine learning. Deep learning uses a sequencing algorithm while machine learning uses a linear algorithm. To understand it more accurately, understand this example that if a child is identified with a flower, then he will ask again and again, is this flower? For him, every colorful thing will be a flower, he will slowly index things according to the flowers and slowly he will know the flower. It develops over time. How does deep learning work?  Deep learning Each algorithm applies a non-linear transformation to its input and converts it into a statistical model from what it learns from the input. And it continues its effort un