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Facebook doesn't know how many users it has!

 Facebook doesn't know how many users it has! How many Facebook users are there? We may think that even if others don't know, Facebook must know. However, according to the latest public Facebook internal documents, Facebook itself does not know how many users it has.

This is how your data is being stolen through social media

This is how your data is being stolen through social media How often do you share your personal details on social media? You may have shared general details like name, address, age, job, marital relationship. What you may not know is that your seemingly simple personal details are being sold online by hackers at a high price for use in cybercrime. The hacker, who identified himself as Tom Liner last month, did so in the name of fun. In the name of his fun, he hacked the database of 700 million users of LinkedIn around the world and sold it for about five thousand US dollars or five lakh 96 thousand rupees.

There are such fears when revealing the date of birth on social media, how to hide it?

There are such fears when revealing the date of birth on social media, how to hide it? Happy Birthday to you on social media. That's why we're making our date of the birth public on our social media account. But your date of birth, which is public on social media, can put you at risk for identity theft, fraud, and forgery. There are many ways to take advantage of your identity. There are only three things that scammers can do to steal your identity: name, date of birth, and address. If these three things are obtained, the risk of scammers committing the following criminal activities remains high. You and your family can easily associate with friends. Can cheat in your name. Can access your banking and wallet account. You can open utility accounts like phone, internet, and electricity in your name. You can get medical treatment on your health insurance. They can take advantage of your tax refund. You can get a driving license and ID in your name. In case of arrest, they can writ

Not allowed to advertise on social media in Turkey

Not allowed to advertise on social media in Turkey The Turkish government has banned advertising on social media, including Twitter, Periscope, and Pinterest. The regulatory body, the Information Technology Authority, has banned advertising on such platforms. Earlier, Turkey introduced a law on social media. The law also bans advertising on Twitter, Periscope, and Pinterest. According to the information, advertisements on such social media will have to be done only by the local representatives of those platforms. This means that Twitter, Periscope, Pinterest will have to appoint local representatives in Turkey. The companies have not yet made public any plans to have representatives there. YouTube is currently the only local representative in Turkey. Facebook has also said it will immediately have a local representative in Turkey.

Tinder was not just a dating app

Tinder was not just a dating app The Tinder app was not loading on my mobile. It was afternoon. I was sitting in the back of my car in Karachi. The car stopped when the traffic light came on and I put my phone in airplane mode. I was talking to a good friend. . So I opened Tinder again. But that didn't work. I just opened Instagram. The posts were all clear, general. Forge was running well. I knew the signal was not working well. Although I had tried. Finally, I opened Twitter and went to the 'Search' tab. There I typed 'Tinder Pakistan Ban'. There was a tweet notice from the Telecommunications Authority of Pakistan called PTA. In which it was mentioned that some dating apps including Grinder and Tinder have been banned. This was not the first time I had searched on Twitter when any online platform was banned in Pakistan. In 2012, the Pakistani government banned YouTube for allegedly showing a film mocking the Prophet Mohammad. At that time, many aunts had posted vi