Social media account hacked? Do this to bring it back

Social media account hacked? Do this to bring it back

There are various ways to recover a social network account that has been accessed by a hacker or unauthorized person. Sometimes this process can be a little long and sometimes the account can come back quickly.

The thing to note is that the hacker can do many things on the account like; If the username, password, contact details etc. have been changed, it will be difficult to recover or bring back to the previous state.

How to know if your account has been hacked:

- Uploading photos and videos that you have never taken from your account.

-Receiving unwanted messages from friends added to the account.

- Not being logged in from the device you are using.

If these or similar problems continue to occur, then social media companies suggest you to change your password immediately. It is important to pay attention to the notification attached to such a suggestion.

Now you don't have to show old passwords when setting new passwords.

Along with this, a strong password should be kept. If you don't want to change the password, you should contact the company as soon as possible.

How to recover when account is hacked:


Your Apple ID contains online subscriptions, details of spending on various services and personal information. If you use iCloud, hackers can gain access to your contact details, photos/videos, net, GPS location, etc.

- To change the password in Apple, first go to the Apple ID sign in page.

-Then click on sign in. If your Apple ID is not logged in, like other Apple devices; Try from Mac, iPhone or iPad.

- To go to Apple ID on Mac, first click on the Apple menu.

-Then click on 'System Preferences'. Now you can find the Apple ID page. Similarly, go to settings for Apple ID on iPhone and iPad and click on your name.

- Now click on 'Password and Security'. After this you can change the password.

If these methods do not work, you will have to call Apple's customer service directly. You can select any date to get help from this. Click here for this.


If your Facebook account has been hacked, click here first.

-Now click on 'My Account is Compromised'.

- Type your email and mobile number on the next page.

- Now login by typing the old password. If the hacker has only changed the password of your account, you can regain control of the account from here. For this, after logging in, enter a new password.

If you don't have an account login here, you can send a mail to the email address on the page. This may take time for response. If this does not happen, you can access your account by clicking on 'No longer have access to this?'

Facebook will show you where your account is logged in from, which device.

If all these are not done, you can get access to the account from 13 types of documents related to you such as: driver's license, passport, marriage certificate, citizenship etc. For which you have to send one of the 13 types of documents to Facebook.

You have to do all this on the 'No longer have access to this' page. Now Facebook will send you a mail about the process behind this.


If you lose access to your Google account, many things like: Gmail, Drive, YouTube and other services will also be affected. If you think your Google account has been hacked, try logging in first.

-If you are not logged in, go to the Google Account recovery page. You should put your email address in it.

- Now type your last password.

- If this also does not work, then click on 'Try another way'. Now Google will send the code to the recovery email address you have kept in your account. After typing the code, you will have to enter a new password.

If you do not have a recovery email address in the account, or do not have access to the account, then click on 'Try another way' again. There, Google will ask you for your phone number.

After you put the phone number, Google will send a code or call to that number. Change the account password after receiving the card.

If this doesn't work, click on 'I don't have my phone'. Now, based on how much information Google has about you, Google will ask questions to make sure that it is you. But this method depends on your 'luck'.

So far, Google has not kept any representative to solve this problem. If you call Google's number 650-253-000, the 'Voice Bot' will tell you the above process.


- If you are not logged in with your username and password, click on 'Log in with Facebook'. But for this you must have linked Facebook and Instagram account.

-If this does not work, click on 'Forgot Password'. Now type the phone number or email address, in which Instagram will send you the code. After entering the said card, you have to keep a new password.

- If this method does not work, then type the last details you used to login and click on 'Can't reset password?'

- Now you will go to 'Instagram: Help Page'. There, click on 'I think my Instagram account has not been hacked'.

- While scrolling its page, 'Request a Security Code or Support Firm Instagram' appears. Click there.

- Now you will have more information on how to send a request for help on Android or iOS.



- First, go to the login page and type your username and password. If you don't log in, click on 'Forgot Password' and type your email or phone number.

- Now you will receive the card. After entering the card, your password will be reset.

This method will work even if the hacker changes other details about you. Snapchat says 'password just changed' to your old email. If you are not the one to change the password, click here' will send a mail. With this, you can easily get an account in your hands.

If you can't log in somehow, you can go to the support page and fill the form for account recovery.


-At first, go to Spotify's password reset page.

- After typing your username and email address there, you will receive an email with a link to reset your password.

- If this doesn't work, go to Spotify's support page.


Even if the hacker changes the username and password of your Tiktok account, you can still login from different social networks. But for that, the Tiktok account must be linked with Facebook, Google, Twitter, Apple etc.

- Click on your profile to change your password.

- Now click on the hamburger icon with three lines.

-Click on 'Settings and Privacy'.

-Now click on 'Manage Account'.

- Then select 'Password'.

- Now Tiktok will send a 6-digit code to your email or phone. After inserting the card, you can set a new password.

If the hacker has changed your email or phone number, you can send a request for help. Click here for this. Or send mail to


-Go to the password reset page and type email, phone number or username.

- Now you will receive the code in email address or phone. After keeping the said card, you can get access to your account.

If Twitter doesn't accept the login, go to the help center.


Now increase the security of the account

The first thing to do after recovering a hacked account is to keep a strong password. For this you can use a password manager. After this, you have the option of using 'Two Factor' or 'Multifactor Authentication', which will keep your account more secure.

In addition, use free Wi-Fi in public places as little as possible. Do not use your social networks on insecure websites. We can increase the security of our account by doing these simple things.