Android Users More Honest Than iPhones - Study | What monitor to buy for gaming?

Android Users More Honest Than iPhones - Study

 In some cases, the phone we choose reflects our personality. A study has shown that users who buy Android phones are more honest and humble than those who buy iPhones.

Studies have shown that Apple users display their appearance due to their phones. Researchers from the University of Lincoln and Lancaster University have come to this conclusion after studying hundreds of people and their relationship with their phones.

In the study, they responded that Android users are mature, more honest, humble, do not follow rules for their own benefit, and are less interested in money and property. The study showed that most of the users using Android devices are male.

On the contrary, the study showed that iPhone users are less mature and less honest. It is said that this is the first study conducted on the relationship between people's personality and their phones.

This report has been published in the journal Cyberpsychology, Behavior and Social Networking. 500 people were asked about their opinion about phones. Based on the study, psychologists prepared such a computer program, which could predict what kind of smartphone people use.

"Compared to Android users, we found that iPhone users are more likely to be female, less mature, and more likely to think that their phone reflects their status," the report reads.

What monitor to buy for gaming?

If you have a good graphics card, a good CPU, but a low-performance monitor, you may not get the gaming experience you want. A capable monitor is required for this. Today we are giving information about what to pay attention to when buying a gaming monitor.

What should be considered especially when buying a monitor is the resolution, refresh rate, panel and size of the monitor.

Refresh rate

For work other than gaming, the refresh rate of the monitor is not considered very important. But for gaming, how much fps you get depends on the refresh rate. If your monitor is 60 Hz, even if you play games on a powerful computer, you will not get more than 60 FPS.

Currently, monitors ranging from 30 Hz to 500 Hz are available in the market. Among these, you can buy a monitor based on the capabilities of your computer.


Along with the refresh rate, another thing to keep in mind when buying a monitor is the panel. Currently, there are many monitors in the market with IPS (In-Plane Switching), TN (Twisted Nematic), VA (Vertical Alignment) and OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) panels. Which one to buy depends on your needs and budget.

Compared to IPS, VA and OLED, monitors with TN panels are somewhat cheaper. Monitors with OLED display are comparatively more expensive than others. If your needs are for gaming as well as other uses and you have a budget, then you should buy a monitor with an OLED display. But if the budget is low and you are looking for an all-purpose monitor, then a monitor with an IPS panel may be the right choice.

Its response time is better than others and other things like; Color, contrast and viewing angle are also good. Furthermore, if response time is your priority, a monitor with a TN panel may be a better option. Response time is considered important in gaming.


Another thing to keep in mind while buying a monitor is its size. How many monitors you need depends on how you play games.

Some people prefer to sit and play games away from a large monitor while others prefer to sit and play games near the monitor. The closest choice is often a small monitor.



The visual quality of your game depends on the resolution of the display. If you bought a monitor with HD display, you cannot play games in 4K resolution.

So, when buying a monitor, make sure what kind of computer you have, what kind of game you are buying to play.

Apart from this, the monitor also has features like FreeSync, GSync, which are supported by the monitor you are going to buy. If you buy a monitor with these features, your gaming experience will be even higher. But for this, your computer must have a graphics card that supports it.

Along with this, make sure which port the monitor supports. If possible, buy a monitor that has both HDMI and display ports.