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How to keep your details safe in Chat GPT, Copilot and Gemini?

 How to keep your details safe in Chat GPT, Copilot and Gemini? The influence of AI i.e. artificial intelligence is gradually increasing in all fields. In the past two years, various chatbots have come into the market. In this case, the AI ​​chatbots are making the work of people easier as fast as they are collecting the user's information i.e. details. Because of this, data privacy has become a major concern these days. In fact, during the use of AI chatbots by users, their data reaches the companies easily. Something to note There are various AI platforms in the market. In such a situation, how can users protect their details from various AI platforms such as Chat Gpity, Microsoft Copilot and Google Gemini? Companies use user data to train AI models. Once you choose not to share your data, your data will not be shared with other companies. However, data already collected with AI chatbots is not deleted. Google Gemini Open Google Gemini in any browser. Then click on the activity a

How to do a factory reset on an Android phone?

 How to do a factory reset on an Android phone? Open the phone's settings app and go to the System option Then scroll down to the Reset option and tap on it Select Erase all data or Factory Reset option available there Enter the PIN number when asked and complete the factory reset process. How to do a factory reset from Recovery? If you are unable to access the phone's settings option due to software issues, you can also perform a factory reset using Recovery Mode. For this: Switch off the phone Then press the Power and Volume Down button of the phone simultaneously and then the phone will go into Recovery. Select language from volume button and press power button Go to Wipe data option and select Format data Enter the verification code there if asked and format the data How to delete multiple Instagram posts at once? In today's digital age, managing your social media presence is very important. This is even more important on a platform like Instagram. With the constant dev

Do you carry an iPhone? Be aware of safety features that come in handy in an emergency

 Do you carry an iPhone? Be aware of safety features that come in handy in an emergency  There is no doubt that Apple devices have very advanced technology. Due to these technologies, the user experience is better and relief can be found in various problems. Perhaps you must have heard the news that some users' lives have been saved due to Apple's technology. Apple is improving such features in every new product. Examples of such features include fall detection, emergency SOS, heart rate, ECG, etc. These features will not be used until the user has a problem. However, it is good to know what these features are and how to take advantage of them. Today we will discuss some of the security features in iPhone, iWatch: Emergency SOS During difficult situations, users can get emergency help by using the Emergency SOS feature. Through this feature, the call goes to the local emergency number. In addition, your location is also shared. This emergency number may vary from country to cou

How to clean a refrigerator

 How to clean a refrigerator Nowadays, various electronic materials have started to be used in Nepalese kitchens. One of them is a refrigerator. Generally, refrigerators are used to keep food safe. A refrigerator is one of the frequently used appliances in the kitchen. Since different types of food are kept, the refrigerator can become a home for bacteria if it is not cleaned for a long time. If not properly cleaned, the refrigerator itself can be damaged. Today we are telling you the right way to clean the fridge; Wipe the fridge daily By wiping down the handle and exterior on a daily basis, the refrigerator stays relatively clean. It does not allow germs and bacteria to remain frozen in the refrigerator. In this process, you can clean the water dispenser, hand and other parts. Remove all leftover food Especially daily cooked vegetables and leftover foods are kept in the refrigerator. When that happens, pieces of vegetables and food remain inside the refrigerator. If not cleaned for a

What is a throwaway email address, and why do you need it?

 What is a throwaway email address, and why do you need it?  A throwaway email account may be appropriate for you to log into an insecure website or to address privacy concerns. Because this type of email not only protects you from spam emails but also helps in data security. It is known by many names including temporary email, .trash email, one time email, anonymous email, zombie email, use and throw email. But the job of all of them is to survive for some time. When their time runs out, they automatically deactivate. What is a throwaway email? When you want to create an account on any website, most of them ask you for an email address. Whether it is necessary to use the site or for other work. Then those sites start sending you daily or weekly spam emails, which contain their news, sales offers, notifications and various other content. Which may not be important for you. Not only this, such websites may also sell your email address to other ad companies. It can also leak your own dat