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Estimators revisited: Deep Neural Networks

Estimates Repeated: Deep Neural Network As the number of features columns in a linear model increases, it can be difficult to achieve high achievement in your training, as the interactions between different columns become more complex. This is a known problem, and a particularly effective solution for data scientists is to use deep nerve networks. Why go deep Deep neural networks are able to adapt to more complex datasets and better generalize to previously unseen data because of its main layers, which is why they are called deep. These layers allow them to fit more complex datasets than liner models. Although the trade-off is that the model will take longer to take the train, will be larger in size, and will have less explanation. So why would anyone want to use it? Because it can take a high final amount. One of the hardest things about deep learning is that all the parameters are “correct”. Depending on your dataset, these configurations seem virtually unlimited. As far as TenserFlo