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Who compensates for the loss of life and property due to falling space debris?

Who compensates for the loss of life and property due to falling space debris? With the advent of private companies, space travel is now on the rise. At the same time, fragments of satellites, spacecraft, and space station debris will fall from the Earth's orbit into space as space debris. Recently, a huge piece of a Chinese satellite weighing 20,000 kg went out of control and fell into the Indian Ocean near the Maldives. Earlier, in May 2020, another Chinese rocket landed uncontrollably on the West African coast. As such accidents increase, so does the risk of damage. After all, is there any compensation for the damage caused by such accidents? Is there any international law in the world that addresses such accidents? The answer is yes. Governments of different countries have ratified and approved such laws by mutual consent. The law includes a provision to protect and compensate for the loss of property caused by space garbage. What is space garbage? Any man-made object in space

How beneficial, how dangerous is nuclear energy?

How beneficial, how dangerous is nuclear energy? The United Nations Conference on Climate Change is taking place in the United Kingdom in November, with representatives from more than 200 countries. The conference will discuss how to rapidly reduce global greenhouse gas emissions. Despite many efforts, many countries have not been able to cut the production of harmful gases responsible for climate change. Can nuclear energy be helpful for such countries? At present, 10 percent of the world's electricity is generated by nuclear reactors. However, the world has become more aware of nuclear energy since the accident at the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan a decade ago. Atomic energy, once considered an alternative to reducing carbon emissions, has changed the perception of all environmentalists. The question now is what is the future of nuclear energy? Should we build more and more nuclear power plants to combat climate change? Isn't it dangerous to do so somewhere? Disillusioned

El Salvador became the first country to legalize Bitcoin

El Salvador became the first country to legalize Bitcoin  El Salvador has become the first country to officially accept bitcoin as a legal tender. El Salvador's parliament voted Tuesday to approve the proposal. Sixty-two out of 84 lawmakers voted in favor of officially recognizing Bitcoin. President Bukele has responded that the government has made history. At the same time, El Salvador's citizens living abroad can now easily send money home, he said. He expressed confidence that along with this decision, the country's foreign investment will increase in the coming days, financial inclusion will improve and employment will also increase. In addition, in the next 90 days, Bitcoin will become the legal currency in El Salvador, similar to the US dollar. The new law requires businesses in El Salvador to accept Bitcoin as a legal currency for purchasing goods and services. Earlier, El Salvador said the scheme would provide financial services to 70 percent of people without a ban

Why are Apple's features made public later than Android?

Why are Apple's features made public later than Android? When Apple unveils a new feature for its products, every Android user has the same argument, this feature has already come to Android. The iPhone always copies the features that came with Android. Many such comments are made. Why is it that Apple is slow to release its features? Like every year, Apple's World Wide Developers Conference was held on June 8 this year. In which the company unveiled new features for its users. This year, Apple has unveiled many more features for its users, including iOS 15, iPad OS 15, and macOS Monterey. Although these features were made public as new to iCloud devices, many of the features were familiar. That is, most of the features are already being used by Android users. So this is nothing new. Every time Apple's features come after other brands and some features seem to be copied. However, every time Apple claims that its feature is better and more reliable than others. IOS 15 has mo