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Why are Apple's features made public later than Android?

Why are Apple's features made public later than Android? When Apple unveils a new feature for its products, every Android user has the same argument, this feature has already come to Android. The iPhone always copies the features that came with Android. Many such comments are made. Why is it that Apple is slow to release its features? Like every year, Apple's World Wide Developers Conference was held on June 8 this year. In which the company unveiled new features for its users. This year, Apple has unveiled many more features for its users, including iOS 15, iPad OS 15, and macOS Monterey. Although these features were made public as new to iCloud devices, many of the features were familiar. That is, most of the features are already being used by Android users. So this is nothing new. Every time Apple's features come after other brands and some features seem to be copied. However, every time Apple claims that its feature is better and more reliable than others. IOS 15 has mo