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Instagram is 10 years old, added a new feature

Instagram is 10 years old, added a new feature Popular photo-sharing app Instagram has completed its 10th year. Facebook-owned Instagram has added some new features to its users on the occasion of its 10th anniversary. New features added to Instagram include Stories Map. A pitch to hide offensive comments and expand warning signs has also been added to Instagram. The new storage map feature added to Instagram is a private feature that shows the map and calendar of the stories shared by the users in the last 3 years. Users can share, download, and save these stories as highlights. Also, a new feature added by Instagram as a privacy feature makes it possible to hide objectionable comments. To see the automatically hidden comments, you have to tap on the View Hidden Comments option. Comments that violate social norms will be completely removed from Instagram as before. The Nudge Warnings feature added by Instagram sends a warning message to Instagram users while making offensive comments.