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Artificial Intelligence (AI): What is Artificial Intelligence, why are the big people of the world worried about it?

Artificial Intelligence (AI): What is Artificial Intelligence, why are the big people of the world worried about it? In 1965, the co-founder of Intel, Gordon E. Moore, presented a new theory to the world. In this theory, he told that transistors used in computers double their processing power every two years. Later this law of Moore came to be known as Moore's Law. Today, the speed at which the processing speed of the computer and its working capacity is increasing. According to Moore Law, this capability of computers will increase even more rapidly in the coming time. In such a situation, many big billionaires and experts of the world are looking very worried about the development of artificial intelligence today. After the advent of artificial intelligence, the topic of a new discussion center has become whether AI will leave behind human intelligence? You can gauge the seriousness of this question from the fact that many experts related to the technical field are unanimous about

Fake intellect, real work

Fake intellect, real work In order to transform from an emerging country to a developed country, productivity must be increased and for that, 'fake intelligence is the real medicine', claims Bhaskara Chakraborty (26-7). Production will increase, the country will improve; But what will happen to producers and potential producers (unemployed masses)? His medicine, according to the author, is a fake intellect. As the quality of the machine increases, so does the productivity, but the more new work is created, the more the old work disappears, much more. As a result, the number of unemployed does not decrease, but increases. Everyone will agree that the 'fake intelligence' that has been discovered so far, if not the most important thing, is definitely different from everyone else in terms of quality. It is a well-known fact that every human being can and does be monitored by using a 'fake intelligence' through a Facebook-type app on a smartphone. Even if he removes

The human race will perish; Why and how? - Stephen Hawking's Horror Description!

The human race will perish; Why and how? - Stephen Hawking's Horror Description! Stephen William Hawking, one of the world's most important theoretical physicists in the field of cosmology and quantum gravity, died of natural causes on March 14. It is safe to say that the alarm bells for this world will no longer sound. Because he is the only one who can present strange ideas and the dangers that result from them, not just verbally, but theoretically! Debon William Hawking, who performed many kinds of research until his final breath, believed that a certain 3 things had the power to destroy the human race. What are they? In addition to proving that the most mysterious black holes are real, Stephen Hawking, who has done extensive research on black holes and gravitational singularities, could not avoid being accepted by the world when he explained the three causes of human destruction. 01. Artificial Intelligence: The first thing that Stephen Hawking believed to have the power to

Modern Robots Entering US Intelligence: Why?

Modern Robots Entering US Intelligence: Why? Artificial intelligence technologies are highly developed around the world, and astonishingly the US intelligence agency, the CIA, is about to hire sophisticated robots. It is worth noting that these modern robots are especially popular. And in some robot models now, the ability to understand the emotions of others is a non-existent thing. The robots to be hired by the US spy agency are said to be powered by artificial intelligence technology called artificial intelligence, and these robot models are said to have the ability to think automatically. Artificial Intelligence Artificial intelligence is a method of generating micro-intelligence using a computer or machine. The goal of the industry is to create computers that are similar to humans or more intelligent than humans. This field is based on the vital cultural knowledge of human beings. This knowledge is precisely how it works, described, and implemented in machines. Job: Some members o