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Is Time Travel Possible?

Is Time Travel Possible? You may think that time travel is an ancient concept. It may be mentioned in Greek myths and Shakespeare's plays. But nothing like that. In fact, it was first mentioned by H. G. Wells in 1895 in his novel The Time Machine. Science and technology researcher James Glick has written a book on time travel called Time Travel and History. H. G. Wells' book sold well. The discussion got the same. Images such as meeting historical figures from the time machine in the past, correcting mistakes were included in the book. Is time travel possible as it is described in books and movies? James Glick says, ‘If you look at all the books that have been written about this, the concept of time travel is mentioned in those books as fantasy. Maybe it's a psychological fact, if you ask the hundreds of people working on it about it, they won't rule it out. ' Speed ​​of time Curtin University astronomer. Natasha Hurley-Walker says, "According to any science fi

Data leaks of nearly 2.3 million users of dating apps

Data leaks of nearly 2.3 million users of dating apps The data of millions of users of the popular dating site Mitmindful has been leaked on the internet. A notorious hacker has recently leaked sensitive data of 2.28 million users of the site's mobile app. The hackers have shared the data of the dating site for free download on the hacking forum so that the public can access it. The 1.2 GB size data was in the site's user database. The leaked data contains all the details that the user has to keep before signing up for the web and app version of the site. These include real name, email address, address and zip details, physical details, marital status, date of birth, IP address, cryptocurrency account password, Facebook user ID, Facebook authentication token, etc. But the leaked file does not contain the message exchanged between the users. However, security experts have been warned not to ignore the incident. The Mitmindful site has not yet commented. A well-known black hat ha

The reality of Bernie Sanders' viral picture

The reality of Bernie Sanders' viral picture Biden was sworn in as the 46th president of the United States on Wednesday. Independent Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont was also present at the ceremony. Sanders, wearing a face mask and gloves, was photographed by senior American photographer Brendan Smyaloski at the ceremony. The image has now gone viral, drawing the attention of Americans. This seemingly normal picture is creating a kind of wave in the world of the internet. Photographer Brendan didn't even bother to create creative mimes around the world. Brendan, who works for the global news agency AFP, is a photojournalist for the Political Bureau. Sanders' posture in the photo of Brendan makes him look happy during the event. "It's not a great picture, it's a beautiful moment," he said. Rob Lidon, a journalist at Square Media, says the picture is no more than an important document in American political history. Brendan captured the image on his camera

European Parliament interrogation of Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Google

European Parliament interrogation of Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and Google The world's largest technology companies, including Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google, have come under scrutiny from European Union (EU) lawmakers. The hearing is set to take place on February 1 at the EU headquarters in Brussels. Where the CEOs of the mentioned technology companies have been invited. Currently, American companies dominate the technology world. The hearing is being held with a plan to break the dominance. Europe has put forward a new European Commission proposal to create an environment of healthy competition among technology companies and to control fake news and harmful content spread online. The European Parliament is due to give its opinion on the proposal by next month. The European Parliament is set to question the CEO of the technology giant for the same opinion. The letter sent by the parliament to the CEOs states that they understand the current business model of the company and its

What is a torrent and how to use it?

What is a torrent and how to use it? Most of you are probably a torrent user. Most use torrent to download movies. If there is no movie on YouTube and free movie streaming sites and no access to the subscription site, then the free movie is a torrent. But torrent is a different technology in itself than the general understanding. Today we will explain to you in simple language what this technology is and how it works. For example, if you search for a website in your browser, you will find what you are looking for from the server of that website. Or if you are downloading a file, the file that is saved on the server will come to your device and download the file. But if millions of people want to download the same file at the same time, the server has to be very powerful to handle that traffic. Its speed should also be high, otherwise, not all users can see its webpage. You have no choice but to make the server stronger. But the financial status of having a server does not belong to any

Is the virus really coming from the torrent site?

Is the virus really coming from the torrent site? Computer viruses are spreading in different ways. The risk is the same even in torrent files that many of you download. In fact, many popular torrent sites have a lot of malware. Malware can be prevented to a large extent even if you are confident in what you are clicking and what you are downloading. But today's malware has become so modern that even if you just watch a viral ad, it will come and stay on your device. As Torrent is a popular download site, the presence of virus attackers is also increasing here. When you use torrents, viruses attack your system in the following two ways. 1. Transmission method (online advertising) Online ads (malware) designed to spread the virus increase the risk on computers or mobiles. Since the virus does not appear on the screen outside the torrent site, there is a high possibility of the virus coming from such a site. Malvertisation of Pirate Bay In May 2016, security experts found a viral ad