What is a torrent and how to use it?

What is a torrent and how to use it?

Most of you are probably a torrent user. Most use torrent to download movies. If there is no movie on YouTube and free movie streaming sites and no access to the subscription site, then the free movie is a torrent.

But torrent is a different technology in itself than the general understanding. Today we will explain to you in simple language what this technology is and how it works.

For example, if you search for a website in your browser, you will find what you are looking for from the server of that website. Or if you are downloading a file, the file that is saved on the server will come to your device and download the file.

But if millions of people want to download the same file at the same time, the server has to be very powerful to handle that traffic. Its speed should also be high, otherwise, not all users can see its webpage.

You have no choice but to make the server stronger. But the financial status of having a server does not belong to anyone other than a company with a strong income.

But torrent technology is different. For example, if a single user, like me, has a document, music, file, game, movie, whatever file. I want to spread it to as many people as possible in any corner of the world.

But I don't have a server for this. At the same time, I can use torrent technology. The file I want to share with everyone is on my laptop or mobile. In this case, I can go to any torrent hosting website and create a torrent of that file.

When someone downloads the torrent I created. Then he adds it to his torrent client, then gradually the torrent client starts transferring the file from me to that person.

At that time, according to my internet upload and that person's internet download speed, that file comes to you. When that file is coming to that person's system then that file is also being uploaded from that person's system.

At the same time, if other third-person downloads the file, he can now access the file from two places, from me and from that person's system, respectively. Now, as soon as the third person starts downloading, the three sources of that file are closed.

In this way, Torrent builds a vast network of one-to-one networks, allowing anyone to access files at any time, from anywhere.

In torrent technology, the file is downloaded in pieces. The more you get from that source, the more you download. From somewhere, the head is downloaded in pieces. But in the end, it all gets downloaded.

It has two sides, one is cedars and the other is leechers. The party that uploads the cedars file is called. When you download the file, you are shown the number of ciders in the table.

The higher the Ciders rating, the better your torrent file. It should be understood that many people are uploading it.

The other side is leechers. Which we also call Pierce. Leechers are the ones who are downloading the file.

If you are downloading the file, there are 10,000 ciders and 12,000 leechers, but you should understand that the file is being uploaded by 10,000 and downloaded by 12,000.

In that case, you need to understand that the file is available at a very good speed. Because 10,000 people are uploading that file.

But if there are 2 ciders in a file, but there are 500 leechers, don't download that file. Because there are very few uploads, the download speed is low and the system is not able to handle it.

There is another side to this called active ciders. Someone is downloading the torrent. Even after downloading, if you don't turn off the torrent, uploading files from his system will benefit everyone.

Torrent also has the option to select upload and download speeds for listeners. In this case, if someone increases their download speed and decreases the upload speed, then the number of ciders is being counted. But that torrent is being uploaded at 1, 2 kbps and that torrent are not very healthy.

If you are downloading a torrent, make sure there are plenty of ciders. Also, the ratio of these two should be the same. For example, if the number of cedars is 10,000 but the number of leeches is one lakh, even this kind of unbalanced ratio does not make the torrent better.

It is said to be used for piracy in connection with torrents. But this is a misunderstanding. It is also used for torrent piracy. But its real purpose is to deliver any useful file to personal resources from one to one network around the world.

Many big companies also use it. The magnet link technology, introduced around 2015, helps to track and connect ciders while the file is being uploaded from Katakata.

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