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Not allowed to advertise on social media in Turkey

Not allowed to advertise on social media in Turkey The Turkish government has banned advertising on social media, including Twitter, Periscope, and Pinterest. The regulatory body, the Information Technology Authority, has banned advertising on such platforms. Earlier, Turkey introduced a law on social media. The law also bans advertising on Twitter, Periscope, and Pinterest. According to the information, advertisements on such social media will have to be done only by the local representatives of those platforms. This means that Twitter, Periscope, Pinterest will have to appoint local representatives in Turkey. The companies have not yet made public any plans to have representatives there. YouTube is currently the only local representative in Turkey. Facebook has also said it will immediately have a local representative in Turkey.

Misuse of social media, falling into the trap of the law

Misuse of social media, falling into the trap of the law Have you ever teased or humiliated someone using social media or electronic media? Or have you insulted someone electronically by saying yes? If you do, you may be subject to severe penalties. For the sake of fun, yes, he is my man. The 'Information Technology Bill 2075', which was introduced by the government in the federal parliament and has been under discussion since Wednesday, has defined such acts as a punishable offense. The government has presented the bill in the federal parliament to make electronic media decent, dignified, and systematic. The bill clearly defines the use of social media or electronic systems as a punishable offense to constantly harass or tease another person. Some are even prohibited from humiliating, discouraging, insulting, or reprimanding others. If such an act is committed, the offender will be fined up to Rs. 1 million or five years imprisonment or both depending on the amount of the offe