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Is someone running your Google Account? Find out how.

Is someone running your Google Account? Find out how. As soon as the computer is out of your control or out of sight, everyone is afraid that someone is gaining access to my computer. Sometimes we leave our Gmail account open on our computer or mobile. In this case, someone may be accessing your account. If you want to secure your account, first change the password. Then use two-factor authentication. You can also enroll in Google's Advanced Protection Program. Following these steps will help keep your account secure. But if you just want to make sure that someone has access to your Google or Gmail account, follow the procedure below. 1. Gmail lets you view recent email access activity in the desktop web browser. To do this, click on 'Details' at the bottom right of the email. A separate window then opens. There you will see your recent account activities. It shows where your device was unlocked and how long it was open on which devices. There is information about where you

Here are five great programming languages

 Here are five great programming languages Various applications have come up in the last decade. Which are working well on all kinds of operating systems and devices. We've come a long way in using an operating system for certain apps. We can now store data in the cloud, access it from a web app, and modify it to our liking. Behind all these developments and services is a talented team of web developers, who coded each 'puzzle piece' to give us this holistic experience. From the back end system of the website and portal to the user interface experience and the security protocol that keeps thousands/millions of users safe, the users have got the best experience. These developers are giving the same experience to new users with different interests at the same pace every day. Today we are going to tell you about the top five best programming languages ​​for those who have coding skills and want to enhance it. 1. Python Python has topped the list of programming languages ​​in r

TikTok launched the Bug Bounty program to strengthen security

TikTok launched the Bug Bounty program to strengthen security The video app is in a difficult situation due to sanctions from countries like India, Pakistan, and Indonesia and the ongoing war with the US government. Instead of sinking into the abyss of despair, the company, which is facing many challenges at once, seems to be fighting like a true warrior on the battlefield. TikTok is partnering with several platforms to enhance its image, such as TikTok recently partnering with OpenSlate for advertiser brand protection. It has now announced the launch of the Bug Bounty program in partnership with HackerWan. The Bug Bounty program is an extension of the already-running Vulnerability Disclosure Program, the company said. Explaining the purpose of the event in a blogpost, TikTok said the partnership with Hackervan would help the company secure the support of security researchers, experts, academics, and other independent individuals capable of detecting bugs and vulnerabilities. This boun