Here are five great programming languages

 Here are five great programming languages

Various applications have come up in the last decade. Which are working well on all kinds of operating systems and devices. We've come a long way in using an operating system for certain apps.

We can now store data in the cloud, access it from a web app, and modify it to our liking.

Behind all these developments and services is a talented team of web developers, who coded each 'puzzle piece' to give us this holistic experience.

From the back end system of the website and portal to the user interface experience and the security protocol that keeps thousands/millions of users safe, the users have got the best experience.

These developers are giving the same experience to new users with different interests at the same pace every day.

Today we are going to tell you about the top five best programming languages ​​for those who have coding skills and want to enhance it.

1. Python

Python has topped the list of programming languages ​​in recent years. This language is very flexible in scaling web-based applications. Most of the applications are made from its run on the platform.

Applications made from it support all devices without any further modification. It is also very easy to use. These things have made it a very easy programming language.

But since it is an interpreted language, it also has its own weaknesses of being slow when used in mobile space. But there are many positive aspects to it.

2. JavaScript

JavaScript is widely used in mobile workplaces. It is a versatile, easy to use, the easy entry point for beginners, with a large support community and good interconnectedness with other languages.

It runs very fast. 95% of websites use this language and it is considered to be the dominant language of the web.

Another feature is that most modern browsers today have a built-in JavaScript engine, which allows it to process client-side scripts faster than server-side scripts.

But its disadvantages are also in its place. Java is the language that attackers inject the most malicious code. Also, sometimes the browser changes its interpretation, which makes the end-user experience different.

3. PHP

PHP is considered a backend programming language. That's why it focuses on how to handle the interconnection of server and data handles rather than the look or GUI of the end user's site.

So it has many nice and strong features in the backend area. It serves as a powerful framework and constant mature language for the foundation of any kind of website and service. Its community members are also strong. It also has ample tools for deployment and testing.

But its disadvantage is that the development in PHP is very slow compared to other languages. It relies on extensions to add support and features, and its design isn't as secure as other language equivalents.

4. Go

Go programming language, also known as Golang, has good support for multi-threading and landscaping. It is also supported by search engines because it was created by Google engineers.

This is new compared to other programming languages. It is very easy to learn programming language as it is based on clean syntax. Its design is safe and it works fast.

But it is also commented that it is not versatile. Go programming language aims to address problems that arise when working on multicores, networks, and large datasets. Due to the lack of a virtual machine, complex apps written in Goma are not very effective at this time.

5. Java

Not only is Java Machiavelli, but it is also a widely-used programming language. It is used not only in web apps but also in Blu-ray players, enterprise apps, smartphones, and others.

The reason behind its maximum use is that it can be used anywhere once written. Whether it's on an app or a device, it works the same way all the time once used.

Java is considered good because of its stability and ability to work on any platform. But its performance is very slow.

And ruby ​​too

This list only mentions five programming languages. But Ruby is a programming language that we should not miss in this title. Due to its framework, it is considered a powerful programming language in the field of web development.

Like PHP, Ruby is a back-end programming language. Its community support is also very good. It has a large number of libraries for creating feature-rich websites.

Unlike the programming language mentioned above, it is not a mainstream language. But it is also known for its impact on eCommerce. Websites like Air BNB and Hulu made from it are very popular. This is not without problems.

It is said to consume a lot of resources but performs poorly. This is said to be very complicated for newcomers to the field of programming.