The 'Microsoft Teams' of millions of users are no longer working, aren't you?

The 'Microsoft Teams' of millions of users are no longer working, aren't you?

Due to Covid 19, the use of video conferencing apps including Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams has been increasing lately.

In the current situation where social distance has to be maintained due to corona, online work is being done through video conferencing tool. It may not be different from how many offices are being run from this.

As the use of such tools continues to grow, millions of Microsoft users using Microsoft Teams from Internet Explorer browsers will be affected.

Didn't you yourself get affected in that way? For that, it is necessary to know some things about the use of Microsoft Teams.

In early 2020, the Redmond-based tech giant decided to shut down various Internet Explorer services.

He urged users to shift to Microsoft Edge, Microsoft's new and sophisticated Internet browser. Based on that, Microsoft Explore Eleven is being shut down this month.

It is said that the impact will be on Microsoft teams first. Earlier this year, Microsoft announced that the web version of Internet Explore XI would be discontinued on November 30.

Based on this, support for Microsoft's Internet Explore Eleven will be discontinued from the next 30 days.

If you are using Microsoft Internet Explore Eleven, you will not be able to use Microsoft Teams as support will end this month. So shifting to a new internet browser would be the best option.