Here's how to monitor CPU temperature on Windows and Mac computers

Here's how to monitor CPU temperature on Windows and Mac computers

Is your computer too hot? If so, don't take it lightly. This can damage the performance of the computer. Temperature can also shorten the life of a computer. If you use it on your bare lap, it can burn your skin and cause other problems.

Most computers do not have a built-in temperature monitoring tool. If your computer does not have such a tool, you may need to download some software to monitor the temperature of the CPU. In the meantime, I have presented the relevant article presented by PC Mag here.

Core Temp: CPU Temperature Monitoring for Windows

There are dozens of temperature monitoring programs on the market. If you use a computer with a Windows operating system, it is better to use Core Temp. It can also be installed and is also available in standalone EXE format.

It provides ample information about the state of the CPU. It also allows you to monitor the temperature from the Windows taskbar.

First, download the core template. Install it (uncheck GoodGame Empire Bluetooth) and launch the program.

At the top of Windows sits the CPU listing on your system, along with its current load and some other technical tweaks. Temperature readings are located at the bottom of Windows.

You can see the current temperature in the left column. There is also a record of the highest and lowest temperatures since the program was launched. This can be an advantage if you are using an AMD CPU.

Intel CPUs have one temperature reading per CPU core. So pay attention to the core with the highest temperature. After doing so, everything becomes normal.

To view your CPU temperature in the taskbar, go to the Settings option and go to the Notification Area tab. Select the highest temperature there, click the arrow on the system tray, and move the core temp icon to the taskbar to make it visible at all times.

Fanny: Temperature monitoring of Mac OS CPUs

If you are using a Mac, Estate Minus is considered an excellent system monitoring app. If you are an advanced user and want to monitor the internal parts of your Mac, you can subscribe to Estate Minus for only 12. But for many, Fanny is an easy and free choice.

Download Fanny After unzipping the app, drag it to your application folder. When you start it you see an icon in the menu bar. Fanny lives in the Notification Center Widget.

But every time you want to check the temperature you have to slide out. Instead, you change the fan icon to a temperature display.

To do this, click on Fanny's menu bar icon and select Preferences to adjust the app's settings. Now change the menu bar set to CPU temperature.

You will then see the icon change to a value of से C. While still working, you can still monitor the CPU temperature.

What is the maximum temperature?

When your CPU gets too hot, your entire computer's performance goes down. The work you are doing is also very slow. Inside your computer, the fan starts moving at a very high speed and also makes a lot of noise. The longer the temperature stays, the shorter the life of your CPU.

Your CPU heating also depends on your device. If the laptop is light and thin and uses a very powerful CPU, which has very low airflow, it can heat up much faster than a computer with a low-capacity CPU.

In this case, the CPU running at 70 degrees and the CPU running at 40 degrees is the same. Your CPU has a maximum threshold, where it does not exceed a certain temperature. This is called Maximum Temperature Junction or TJ Max. It varies according to the CPU.

But on most chips, it stays between 95 C and 105 C. In this case, if your device is too hot, your computer will shut down automatically to avoid the maximum temperature.

If your computer is very hot, there are some options. First, turn on the computer.

With the help of an air blower, get rid of the dirt inside. You can also adjust the setting of your CPU fan by letting it rotate at high speeds.

If you want to get rid of the heating problem but your laptop is old then thermal paste helps to reduce the temperature.