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These are 15 tips suggested by Nepal Police to prevent Facebook ID hacking

 These are 15 tips suggested by Nepal Police to prevent Facebook ID hacking Recently, in the context of the increasing incidence of Facebook account hacking, Nepal Police has given various suggestions to avoid this problem. By releasing a video on Wednesday, the police has suggested ways to avoid account hacking. According to the statistics of Nepal Police Headquarters Cyber Bureau, out of 9013 complaints filed in the previous financial year (2079/80), 6782 complaints were related to cyber crimes committed through Facebook. Similarly, 140 complaints were received from the marketplace, 220 regarding gift fraud, 1230 regarding hack and fraud, and 27 regarding beneficiary. Till this period of this financial year (2080/81), 8628 complaints have been lodged with the Cyber Bureau, out of which 6915 are related to cyber crimes committed by Facebook. Similarly, 340 complaints have been received from market placement, 225 from gift fraud, 378 from hack and fraud and eight from beneficiary. In r

10 Tips to Avoid Mobile Hacking

10 Tips to Avoid Mobile Hacking With the development of technology, people's lives have become easier, but the risks are also increasing along with it. Technology is also working to destroy people's privacy. The most important thing we need to remember to protect privacy is mobile. Our life now depends on the mobile we carry. Even the smallest details used in daily life are in our mobile. If the mobile is lost or hacked, our personal data can easily get into the hands of others. 1. Use strong passwords or biometric authentication Although it sounds normal, the password used in our mobile plays a very important role in the security of the mobile. Today mobile companies have started using biometric authentication system. It is useful to use biometric authentication i.e. your fingerprint or Face ID for mobile security. But this feature may not be available in all mobile phones. In this case, you should use a strong password. The use of passkeys to replace passwords is also increas

Pokémon Go game tips and tricks

Pokémon Go game tips and tricks Pokemon Go is a smartphone game. This game has created panic in the world as soon as it comes. Pokémon Go is a huge thing in the gaming world. This game has become a favorite of people in just 8 days. This game is available on Android and iOS, so far it has been launched in Australia, America, New Zealand, and Europe. This smart app has been used the most so far before it happened when Candy Crush Saga came out. Pokemon is a very old and famous cartoon on which the game was first made. Pokemon Go is going to release soon in India.

Problems with smartphones hanging and slowing down? Follow these tips.

Problems with smartphones hanging and slowing down? Follow these tips. As the use of smartphones increases, almost all of our data stays on the phone. Our phone is full of many things like pictures, documents, songs, videos, movies, apps. As such data accumulates, the phone gradually begins to hang. Most smartphone users suffer from slow-motion or hang. In this case, it takes a long time to open the app on the phone, the video gets stuck, the action is not visible when tapping or it appears late, etc. Sometimes you may be in a hurry to find some office work from your smartphone. If you have a problem with the phone hanging, your stress increases. If your smartphone has this kind of hang or slow running problem, today we are going to tell you some tips to solve it. You need to turn off auto download on your smartphone to prevent the phone from hanging. To do this, first, go to the software update by setting the phone. Where you will see the auto-download option. Turn it off. Also, turn