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Android was born for digital cameras, not for smartphones

Android was born for digital cameras, not for smartphones Many people understand smartphones faster than Android. It is the most popular mobile operating system in the world. Today, about 2.5 billion devices are running on the Android operating system. But you know, In fact, the platform was created for digital cameras, not for phones. At an economic conference in Tokyo, Japan in 2013, Andy Rubin, co-founder of Android, revealed that Android was actually made for digital cameras. At the time, Android had planned to build a camera platform that would provide cloud storage for photos and videos. The company plans to make it easier for people to access their photos from any device without having to rely on the camera's onboard storage. Co-founder Rubin also displayed the old slides at the conference. Which he prepared to show investors in 2004. At that time, few people showed interest in his idea. Due to this, there was no agreement on his concept at that time. Five months after meeti

There are such fears when revealing the date of birth on social media, how to hide it?

There are such fears when revealing the date of birth on social media, how to hide it? Happy Birthday to you on social media. That's why we're making our date of the birth public on our social media account. But your date of birth, which is public on social media, can put you at risk for identity theft, fraud, and forgery. There are many ways to take advantage of your identity. There are only three things that scammers can do to steal your identity: name, date of birth, and address. If these three things are obtained, the risk of scammers committing the following criminal activities remains high. You and your family can easily associate with friends. Can cheat in your name. Can access your banking and wallet account. You can open utility accounts like phone, internet, and electricity in your name. You can get medical treatment on your health insurance. They can take advantage of your tax refund. You can get a driving license and ID in your name. In case of arrest, they can writ

Xiaomi made a separate processor for the camera

Xiaomi made a separate processor for the camera Chinese smartphone brand Xiaomi has claimed to have made its own processor for the camera. The company has confirmed that it has developed an image processing processor (ISP) in its own design. The company had earlier stated that it would manufacture such a chipset in 2017. However, the company has informed that the issue of the chipset, which has remained anonymous for the last three years, is now ready. The chip manufactured by the company is not a SOC chipset. Mobile devices and other devices now use CPU, GPU, ISP, NPU, and other processors. Similarly, Image Processing Processor (ISP) has been developed as a processor. This processor will process the camera's data. This means that it will help produce high-quality images by processing data and other information collected by the color, light, and image sensors on the camera. The company is expected to announce the processor at a live event on Monday.

iPhone 12 Pro is the best smartphone of the year

iPhone 12 Pro is the best smartphone of the year Launched in October 2020, the iPhone 12 Pro Max has been named the world's best smartphone by 2021. Despite being unveiled in 2020, the iPhone 12 Pro Max has been declared the best smartphone available in 2021. According to a new report released by Consumer Report, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is the best iPhone of the year in the list of phones. The report gave the phone a top rating. The iPhone 12 series has a 6.7-inch display. The phone has an A14 Bionic chipset, OLED display, upgraded camera, FiveG network as well as a long-lasting battery. The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 FiveG is ranked number one on Android. The phone is chosen because of the display, zoom camera, and battery used in the phone. Similarly, OnePlus Nord N10 FiveG has been included in the first number in the list of budget smartphones.

That is why there is a 10 digit mobile number

That is why there is a 10 digit mobile number It has been 22 years since the launch of mobile service in Nepal. Nepal Telecom first launched GSM mobile service in 1999. The mobile number has been 10 digits in Nepal since the first mobile service was launched. It is estimated that this will be the same 10 digits mobile number for at least the next 25-30 years. In other countries, there are 12-digit, 9-digit, and 11-digit mobile numbers. But, what is the reason for having a 10 digits mobile number in Nepal? This topic is interesting. Because mobile number frequency is as important for service providers. Numbers used in fixed lines like mobile and landline, CDMA is the limited resources of telecommunications. Since the number is also determined by the border, the issue of determining the number of any country is not only in the hands of the country concerned. This requires a very comprehensive study. Officials of the National Numbering Branch of the regulatory Nepal Telecommunication Auth

Here's how to save your smartphone on Holi

Here's how to save your smartphone on Holi Today and tomorrow, Holi is being celebrated in different parts of Nepal. Despite the government's request to celebrate Holi at home, people are gathering in various places to paint and splash water. If you are also playing Holi, be careful not to get infected not only with the coronavirus but also with your mobile phone. On the day of Holi, many people break their mobile phones. If left unmanaged, they can be left astray and lose the right path. So if you want to enjoy this celebration while protecting your mobile, it is good to know the tips to keep your smartphone safe. 1. The best solution is to leave your smartphone at home while celebrating Holi. But most people carry smartphones wherever they go. Instead of a smartphone, you can bring an old or feature phone during Holi. 2. Use a ziplock pouch. You can keep your smartphone safe by buying a zip lock pouch or a plastic bag from the store. This protects the smartphone from water, p