Xiaomi made a separate processor for the camera

Xiaomi made a separate processor for the camera

Chinese smartphone brand Xiaomi has claimed to have made its own processor for the camera. The company has confirmed that it has developed an image processing processor (ISP) in its own design.

The company had earlier stated that it would manufacture such a chipset in 2017. However, the company has informed that the issue of the chipset, which has remained anonymous for the last three years, is now ready.

The chip manufactured by the company is not a SOC chipset. Mobile devices and other devices now use CPU, GPU, ISP, NPU, and other processors. Similarly, Image Processing Processor (ISP) has been developed as a processor.

This processor will process the camera's data. This means that it will help produce high-quality images by processing data and other information collected by the color, light, and image sensors on the camera.

The company is expected to announce the processor at a live event on Monday.