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Nokia launches Forge service on the moon in collaboration with NASA

Nokia launches Forge service on the moon in collaboration with NASA NASA has chosen Nokia to build the first cellular network on the moon. The US space agency plans to launch a human settlement on the moon from 2024. Who will arrange for humans to stay on the moon for a long time under its Artemis program? Nokia has announced that the first wireless broadband communication system will be installed on the lunar surface by the end of 2022. The company will partner with Texas-based private craft design company Intuitive Machine. Which will take Nokia's devices to the moon. The network will automatically configure and install Forge and LTE communication systems on the moon. According to Nokia, the purpose of this plan is to switch to FiveG. The network will allow astronauts to communicate voice and video. The network is also claimed to be capable of deploying telemetry and biometric data exchanges, rovers, and other robotic devices and remotely controlling them. Nokia says the network

NASA to send the first woman to the moon by 2024

NASA to send the first woman to the moon by 2024 The US science and technology agency NASA has announced that it will send the first woman to the moon. Talking about the ongoing 'Artemis Plan', NASA made this public a few days ago. The Artemis Plan is a US government-sponsored cross-spaceflight program, under which NASA aims to land the first woman and another man on the moon. NASA hopes to achieve this goal by 2024. This is the second attempt to send a man to the moon after the success of the first Apollo mission to land on the moon in 1972. "We're going to the moon again to inspire a new generation with scientific discoveries, economic benefits, and inventions," said Jim Bridenstine, NASA's administrator. According to the American newspaper ABC News, in 2021, NASA will test its new powerful rocket, a space launch system, and Orion spacecraft. The first woman will be sent to the moon, and water and other resources will be sought under the Artemis scheme. With

Photoshoot in space at a cost of Rs 10 million

 Photoshoot in space at a cost of Rs 10 million American beauty company 'Estee Lauder' is going to launch its new skincare product in space. The company is going to take such a big step for the photoshoot of the new product. The company is preparing to fly ten bottles of its 'Skin Serum' to the International Space Station. For which the company is spending more than Rs 10 million to NASA. According to the Indian newspaper Hindustan Tech, after the products reach space, the astronauts will take photos at the Kapola Control Tower. These photos will be posted on social media later. It is said that one of the ten bottles that have reached space will be put up for auction. With the global epidemic of Covid-19, companies are now launching their brands in a creative way. Many large companies are spending less on old-fashioned advertising and are looking for new ways to attract customers. In this way, 'Estee Lauder' has become the first beauty brand to go into space. Ac