NASA to send the first woman to the moon by 2024

NASA to send the first woman to the moon by 2024

The US science and technology agency NASA has announced that it will send the first woman to the moon.

Talking about the ongoing 'Artemis Plan', NASA made this public a few days ago. The Artemis Plan is a US government-sponsored cross-spaceflight program, under which NASA aims to land the first woman and another man on the moon.

NASA hopes to achieve this goal by 2024.

This is the second attempt to send a man to the moon after the success of the first Apollo mission to land on the moon in 1972.

"We're going to the moon again to inspire a new generation with scientific discoveries, economic benefits, and inventions," said Jim Bridenstine, NASA's administrator.

According to the American newspaper ABC News, in 2021, NASA will test its new powerful rocket, a space launch system, and Orion spacecraft.

The first woman will be sent to the moon, and water and other resources will be sought under the Artemis scheme.

With the help of new technology, astronauts will be able to travel far to find new areas on the moon.