Google builds a farm monitoring robot

Google builds a farm monitoring robot

Google has unveiled a prototype robot to monitor farming. Google's parent company Alphabet has developed a prototype robot that can monitor crops and products under a project called Project Minerals.

The robot is said to help farmers improve crop yields. According to the prototype of the robot made public by Google, these robots will be slightly taller than normal robots.

It is said that it can study and monitor the crops planted in the field without any impact. It can also be run on a plant.

A modern version of the buggy rolls through a huge field of low-height green crops, stretching as far as the eye can see

"The goal is to collect huge amounts of data on how crops grow," said Elliott Grant, head of the project at Google's blog, "which will help the agricultural industry become more efficient and productive."

The project aims to address the world's growing food needs and stabilize food growth.

"It means we can monitor each plant and give it the nutrition it needs," Grant said.

He went on to say, "What if we can make progress in the genetic and environmental improvement of crop production?" Current equipment does not provide farmers with the information they need. So it can meet those needs. '