Ransomware virus spreads on Android phones, Microsoft warns

Ransomware virus spreads on Android phones, Microsoft warns

 Microsoft has issued a stern warning to Android smartphone users.

Revealing the fact that a ransomware virus is spreading on Android phones, Microsoft has alerted the phone users.

The ransomware is called MaiLocker.B. The virus is spreading through online forums and websites and is targeting Android users, according to Microsoft.

The virus is hidden in various types of unauthorized apps, so experts should be careful when downloading apps from any site and do not download apps from outside the official App Store.

As soon as the ransomware attacks the smartphone, it prevents the user from using the phone's screen and freezes the screen. In that process, a message is also displayed on the screen. The message from the law enforcement agency states that you have to pay to unlock the screen.

This ransomware virus takes advantage of call notifications. The virus is activated when the call comes to the smartphone. Also, when the user presses the home button or the recent app button, the virus locks the screen with the same message.

According to Microsoft, unlike most Android viruses, this virus does not block access to a smartphone's file by encrypting it. Instead, it locks the screen and demands a ransom to unlock the screen.

There is no information on whether the ransom virus steals the user's smartphone data or not. However, it attacks the smartphone and makes the smartphone almost useless until the ransom is paid.