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Sports-related tweets increased by 75 percent

Sports-related tweets increased by 75 percent The number of people tweeting about sports has increased by 75 percent in 2020. Many people have stayed indoors this year due to the lockdown and social distance provision imposed due to Covid 19. The number of people playing games and participating in gaming platforms has increased as a means of spending time at home. Because of this, gaming platforms have gained a lot of attention this year. Maybe that's why the number of sports-related tweets this year is over 2 billion. This is an increase of 75 percent compared to 2019. According to Twitter, 49 percent of sports-related tweets this year are new users. Thus, gaming is one of the most used sports-related words on Twitter. Gaming News, Esports, Gaming Influenza, and PlayStation, respectively. Similarly, Japan has the highest number of tweets related to sports. The United States, South Korea, Brazil, and Thailand are respectively. Earlier, Facebook had made a similar report public. Acc

Ambani's Reliance Jio earned nearly Rs 46 billion in just three months

Ambani's Reliance Jio earned nearly Rs 46 billion in just three months Reliance Jio, a telecom company run by India's richest man Mukesh Ambani, has nearly tripled its profits in the last three months. During the July-September quarter, the company earned a total profit of 28.44 billion Indian rupees or 45.71 billion Nepali rupees. The company had earned only Rs 14 billion in the same quarter last year. Telecom operator Geo, which also has shares in Facebook and Google, is making a financial leap despite the epidemic. This is the 12th consecutive quarterly profit of Geo. The company has added 30,000 manpower in the last two quarters. Geo's customers have reached 405 million, or 405 million. Outside of China, India's Reliance Jio has crossed the 400 million mark as the largest customer expanding telecom company in the country. Geo TV (On Demand Live TV Service), Music Streamer Geo Music, Payment App Geo Money, and other Geo platforms also operate a variety of services be

Google Docs has over one billion downloads of Google Docs

Google Docs has over one billion downloads of Google Docs Google Docs, one of Google's most useful products, has more than a billion downloads in the Google Play Store. It is becoming very popular due to the facility to easily create and share documents online. Google Docs, which went public in 2014, completed 500 million downloads in the Google Play Store in 2018. Although it took four years to complete  500 million, another 500 million has been completed in the last two years. At the same time, Google Docs has risen to the top of Dropbox and Netflix. Dropbox and Netflix completed more than a billion downloads last summer alone. It has been mentioned that there has been a significant increase in the number of downloads as apps including Docs have been installed on Android phones coming to the market in recent times. Also, hundreds of schools have been closed due to lockdown. In this case, the product is most suitable for students. As a result, it is estimated that it may be seen i

Jack Ma turned China's Money Supermarket into a 200 billion company

Jack Ma turned China's Money Supermarket into a  200 billion company Sixteen years ago, Jack Mae introduced a small payment service to strengthen his online shopping empire. Only a few expected it to succeed. Now this service has become the backbone of Ant Group. The payment system is now the 200 billion property of Ant Group. Jack Ma, the founder, believes that small things are beautiful and powerful, so the group is named Ant. Ant Group is a small business entity in China. Ant Group is currently preparing to issue its public shares in Hong Kong and Shanghai. With this IPO issuance, Jack Ma will issue the second-largest IPO ever. "Ant Group is a goldmine for Jack Ma and for China's Internet industry," said Edith Young, general partner at Race Capital. Ant Group is one of the world's largest technology companies and China's largest online payment platform. The app is present in all aspects of China's financial life. It has a presence in everything from inv