If there is a nuclear war between Russia and America, 5 billion people in the world will die of starvation

If there is a nuclear war between Russia and America, 5 billion people in the world will die of starvation

 A new study shows that if there is a nuclear war between the US and Russia, five billion people around the world, or 75 percent of the world's population, will die of famine and starvation. Due to the explosion of nuclear weapons, there will be terrible fires, excessive amounts of moisture will enter the atmosphere, and it will prevent sunlight from reaching the surface of the earth.

As a result, food production will be limited and eventually lead to a terrible series of deaths. "Some percent of the world is going to starve," Rutgers University climate scientist and research team leader Lili Xia told Nature, "and it's going to be really bad."

Based on the previous research, the researchers have calculated and analyzed the amount of fire that will penetrate the sunlight in the atmosphere due to the explosion of nuclear weapons.

"Decreasing light levels will cool the world and post-nuclear trade restrictions will create a dire global food security situation," the study said.

"We must stop nuclear war"

"The data tell us one thing: We must prevent nuclear war from ever happening," said Alan Robock, a professor of climate science at Rutgers University and co-author of the study.

Any nuclear weapon detonation is predicted to create more than five milligrams (five trillion grams) of dust. As a result, there will be a food shortage in almost all countries around the world.

According to Newsweek magazine, in its extreme situation, the population of America, Europe, Russia and many other countries supported by the coalition will have to die. According to the authors of the research, this kind of research is the first ever.

"Nobody's done this kind of research before," Robock said, "nor has anyone counted the number of people who died." The authors of the study have predicted that after a nuclear war between Russia and America, 2.5 billion people will die due to famine in the region around India and Pakistan, and the total death toll will reach 5 billion.

According to Nature.com, the risk of nuclear war is less now than during the Cold War, but nine countries have more than 12,000 nuclear weapons. "If nuclear weapons exist, they can be used, and the world has come close to nuclear war at times," Robock says.

"The only long-term solution is to ban such nuclear weapons." Due to the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, the nuclear tension between the US and Russia has recently flared up.

Due to the war between Russia and Ukraine, the threat of a nuclear war is also increasing when the world's food supply chain is disrupted. This research paper was published in the British peer-reviewed journal Nature Food.