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Here's how to easily change the background of a photo from 'Remove. bg'

Here's how to easily change the background of a photo from 'Remove. bg' When you take a photo. Then some unnecessary things appear in the background. In fact, such a background spoils the beauty of your photo. But removing the background may not be easy for anyone. Many people go to Photoshop and use a very long process to remove the background of the photo. But today we are talking about a website for you, which can easily remove the background of your photo in a short time. Remove. bg is a very easy website. You can remove your background by uploading your photo. The process is also very easy.

Now Facebook and Instagram will give appropriate captions

Now Facebook and Instagram will give appropriate captions Now, captions will appear on the photos posted on Facebook and Instagram. A recent feature will analyze the image and recommend appropriate captions. This type of system is targeted at visually impaired users, according to Facebook. So that in the future those users can find their picture soon. Alt-text is a field in image metadata that describes any image content in detail. For example, 'A man is standing in a field with a horse' or 'A dog is sitting on a ship'. With the help of this, even people who cannot see with their eyes can read the interpretation of the picture and imagine everything. The technology, developed by Facebook and Instagram over the past few years, is now accessible to all. Facebook launched its 'Automatic Alt Text' system in 2016. This was a long-running project in the field of machine learning. So far, the company has made many revisions. The company has mentioned that it has made i

Nude photos of one lakh women using Deep-fake made public

Nude photos of one lakh women using Deep-fake made public According to a new report, pictures of more than one lakh woman posted on social networks including Facebook and other online platforms have been made public using Dipfek technology. A study released by Cincy, a British company working on artificial intelligence, found that women's clothing was digitally removed and widely shared on the messaging app Telegram. Deepfake is a technology that uses artificial intelligence and deep learning to transform a real person's photo into a new one. It is said that underground groups are working to make the photos used as various challenges and publicly available online using Deepfake technology. The report also states that pictures of some minors have been made public. Georgia Patrini, Cincity's chief executive, warned that anyone who shares the public fata on social media could be targeted, saying that the data is being redesigned and widely shared on the telegram. According to

Photos of 'Couple Challenge' started appearing on porn sites!

Photos of 'Couple Challenge' started appearing on porn sites! In the last few days, many trends have been running on social media in the name of the challenge. In which, as a couple challenges, users are posting photos with their partners on social media. In the name of Couple Challenge, users are disclosing their personal information. Based on this, there is a lot of risks that a hacker can target. Be careful if you are also posting a photo with your smiling partner on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter including the hashtag Couple Challenge. This is not just a hashtag, but a web of cybersecurity experts hacking hackers to gather personal information. It's okay to take selfies. Posting it on social media can also be considered natural. But if you are posting your picture and personal information on a hashtag trend on social media, it may not be a challenge for others but a challenge to your own life. This trend is not only in Nepal but also in neighboring countries like Indi

Photos can be a malware attack!

Photos can be a malware attack!  How sensitive are you to the security of your device? If you are very sensitive, you will not open a file or attachment from anywhere so easily. You are always aware of the dangers of various types of cyberattacks such as phishing attacks or scams. Therefore, before opening or downloading a file, you need to make sure at the outset about the person and purpose of sending it. But even if someone sends you a picture, you pay the same attention to Rs Of course, when it comes to photos, you're not so focused on security. Just take the photo lightly and open it. Save to your album. But in reality, it is an unhealthy practice. If those images are also melancholy, the result is just as deadly. It damages your device and steals data. The latest example of this is the Instagram vulnerability revealed by the cybersecurity company Checkpoint this week. In which it was revealed that any crafted picture can hijack the entire Instagram account. However, Facebook

iCloud is safer than Facebook for photo sharing

iCloud is safer than Facebook for photo sharing You may have taken a lot of photos on your smartphone. Of course, you want to share those pictures with friends and family. Many people use Facebook and Instagram to share their photos. But many have been caught in data scandals this year. People are worried about their privacy after the Cambridge Analytica earlier this year and the hack in October 2018 affected 30 million people. Those who consider their photos to be sensitive personal data are even more afraid to upload photos to such sites. There are other means of sharing. In this article, we are writing about the security of sharing photos from iCloud. If you have an iPhone, you can be largely free from security risks. Instead of Facebook or Instagram, you can share photos with your friends and family from Apple's iCloud. Built-in the cloud that only works for Apple devices, it also works for devices other than Apple on the web. The biggest advantage of using iCloud is that it is