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Now new emojis are coming to the keyboard

Now new emojis are coming to the keyboard Nowadays, if we have to send a funny message to someone, we don't just send the word 'message'. Emojis are attached to messages. Lately, emojis are more popular than word messages. We express our feelings through emojis. There is good news for those who enjoy emojis more than words. According to Unicode Consortium, a non-profit organization that sets and monitors emoji criteria, new emojis are now being added to keyboards. The consortium is releasing more than 200 new emojis at once. The consortium said in April that no new emojis would be released until 2022 due to Covid-19. However, the company says the new emoji, which is about to go public, is normal. The emoji is often used to reflect the time of year. One of these is a heart-shaped emoji. Another heart has a fire emoji. The use of which can be expressed mainly jealousy and grief. Currently, the emoji on the keyboard can only be seen in yellow color, a picture, or a pair of peo