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A computer chip will be placed in the human brain this year

A computer chip will be placed in the human brain this year Alan Musk, the owner of a company like SpaceX and Tesla, said that a computer chip would be made and implanted in the human brain within a year. This means that the person's brain will now be directly connected to the computer through the chip. Alan Musk founded Neurolink in 2016. Joe is working on creating an ultra-high brain-machine interface. In Joe Rogan's podcast show, Alan Musk chips a human brain into a robot. According to him, this technology will be ready in 25 years as a complete brain interface. Alan Musk believes that to prevent artificial intelligence from dominating people, it is necessary to connect people's minds to computers. The musk will extract a piece from the human brain. Electrodes will be placed inside the brain through the robot and the device will be placed in the hole. The mask will leave a small scar on the upper part of the brain. Neurolink is involved in creating a 'thread' tha

Google is making the human body a touchpad!

Google is making the human body a touchpad! Historically, Google's 'Google Glass' has been a failed project. However, the company is also investing heavily in various wearable devices. Google's latest projects include reality glasses, virtual reality controllers, and smartwatches. Now another new thing has been added to the list. According to the Senate, Google is currently working on a high-tech temporary tattoo. Which will turn your skin into a touchpad. For that, the company will use a skin mask with technology. Which will be interactive and realistic. The skin mask can be applied to the fingers or different parts of the hand. In which sensors will be used. These sensors allow you to control other devices from there. It is mentioned that a very thin and stretchable skin mask will be prepared for that. The research team of the University of Saarland, which has been invested by Google, has been mentioned in the white paper of the project.

Like humans, machines also need sleep for rest

Like humans, machines also need sleep for rest Everyone needs comfort whether it is technology or any living being. Adequate sleep and rest are needed if good work is to be done. Similarly, the artificial brain also needs sleep for rest. This has been revealed in the study of Los Alamos National University. Researcher scientist Dr. Ezing Watkins explains that the artificial brain also has neural networks that work at par with the brain and remember things. They state that network simulation becomes unstable due to continuous work and high work pressure. This directly affects the machine and its performance. University Computer Scientist Dr. Garrett Kenyon says that now the next preparation is to make it clear that if the artificial brain needs rest, is it the same in Android technology that will be used more in the future. Japanese scientists made a brain-reading machine Scientists in Japan have created a machine for Artificial Intelligence (AI), which can read your mind and make a pic