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Hurrying to update to iOS 14.5? Wait!

Hurrying to update to iOS 14.5? Wait! Apple has just released the iOS 14.5 and iPad OS 14.5 updates after a long wait. Both updates have been live since last Monday. Features like the new Siri Voice and Fancy New Face ID have been added in the new update. With the help of which the iPhone can be unlocked even while wearing a face mask. Knowing all these features, you may also be eager to update the latest software on your iPhone and iPad. But hasty updates sometimes cause more problems and headaches than benefits. So it would be better to wait a few days instead of updating iOS 14.5 right now. Today we will tell you two main reasons why it is appropriate to wait before pressing the update button of iPhone and iPad. Updates may contain harmful bugs We have been seeing and hearing about malware being installed while updating software. Sometimes we hear that all the data of iPhone and iPad gets lost while installing new updates. A similar update from Apple in 2016 destroyed the iPad Pro.

Crypto trading will be stopped if the criteria are not met

Crypto trading will be stopped if the criteria are not met More than 200 types of crypto exchanges in South Korea will be banned next September. Speaking at a meeting of the National Assembly's Political Affairs Committee last week, Eun Sung-soo, head of the country's Financial Services Commission, said: South Korea last year amended its anti-money laundering and financial reporting laws to include cryptocurrencies. The amendment was introduced by South Korea to curb illegal funding of digital assets. The government also said the cryptocurrency would be more risky and questionable than other assets. Under the new regulation, crypto exchanges must be registered as virtual asset service providers and meet various other criteria. It will have an anti-money laundering strategy, partnership with local banks, information management certification, and all the criteria to track the real name of the client. Eun, the chief executive, said no crypto exchanges had been submitted since the

Elon Musk's 6 Keys to Success, Inspiration for Others

Elon Musk's 6 Keys to Success, Inspiration for Others Elon Musk, the richest man in the world, has been consistently successful. There are many reasons behind his success. Here are 6 reasons for his success. 1. It has nothing to do with money This is the reason for Musk's biggest success. He never compared money to success. In an interview with the BBC in 2014, he said he did not know how rich he was. "It's not about how much cash I have," he said. "It's just that I have some votes from Tesla, SpaceX, and SolarCity, and those votes are worth it in the market." At the time, he said that money alone did not motivate him to move forward. Understandably, his thinking is now fully working. Especially his electric car company Tesla did well. The company's share price has risen to more than 700 billion in the past year. Musk, who turned 50 this year, says he will not die as a rich man. "Most of his money will be spent on building a base on Mars, an

A study has revealed that the night mode of a smartphone does not help you to fall asleep early

A study has revealed that the night mode of a smartphone does not help you to fall asleep early The nighttime mode on the smartphone makes it easy for the eyes to see the display at night. However, new research has shown that the belief that it will make it easier to fall asleep early is not true. According to a study published by Brigham Young University in the journal Sleep Health, it does not affect sleep even if you turn on the night mode at night. The researchers conducted the study focusing on the Night Shift feature introduced by iOS in 2016 on the iPhone. When the feature is turned on, then the blue light of the smartphone display turns into fair light and stays in normal color during the day. The main purpose of this feature is to reduce the use of blue light by making the display eye-friendly. Experts believe that it also has a positive effect on sleep. But the university's separate study of two groups of adults between the ages of 18 and 24 found that it had no effect on

Earth's digital form 'Earth 2', where digital land is being sold

Earth's digital form 'Earth 2', where digital land is being sold Dividing the satellite image of the earth into many small squares is a game in which those squares can be bought and sold as land, meaning 2. Seeing such a unique aspect of it, the youths of western origin have become attracted to this game. Many people have taken these digital lands as an investment for the near future. The company has divided its game into 3 stages; In the first phase, small sections divided into satellite images of the Earth will be sold. The prices of these classes will vary according to the physical location, such as American lands are expensive and other countries are cheaper. The company did not disclose how the classes were valued. In the second phase, if a place has a physical advantage, it can be used in the game, said a member of the company. For example, if someone has an upper class of gold mines, he will benefit in some way in the game. Similarly, in the third phase, the company