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Here are five great programming languages

 Here are five great programming languages Various applications have come up in the last decade. Which are working well on all kinds of operating systems and devices. We've come a long way in using an operating system for certain apps. We can now store data in the cloud, access it from a web app, and modify it to our liking. Behind all these developments and services is a talented team of web developers, who coded each 'puzzle piece' to give us this holistic experience. From the back end system of the website and portal to the user interface experience and the security protocol that keeps thousands/millions of users safe, the users have got the best experience. These developers are giving the same experience to new users with different interests at the same pace every day. Today we are going to tell you about the top five best programming languages ​​for those who have coding skills and want to enhance it. 1. Python Python has topped the list of programming languages ​​in r

Three apps that teach programming

Three apps that teach programming This is the age of technology. Now mobile and computer are in everyone's hands. These materials are also needed today. With such content, we can also make video calls and play games. It is possible to get such features from these materials only because of apps and software. Such software is created with the help of programming languages. Brothers and sisters, nowadays you are definitely using a mobile or computer. So it is important to know about such technologies. What is programming for you today? How is it prepared? And information about some of the apps that create programming languages. Programming language The programming language is how a computer works. Is a generated code. Many programming languages create such code. For example: c +, c ++, c #, java, python. Software is created only after writing more than a thousand lines of code. In fact, learning a programming language is difficult. It is also called the language of the future. But, it