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Now the glasses will open the iPhone, this is Apple's preparation

Now the glasses will open the iPhone, this is Apple's preparation Apple Glass, which Apple is about to build, is now going to end the hassle of iPhone users having to keep their phones unlocked. Apple has just received a patent for this technology. At the same time, the company has stated that it will bring a system that can open the iPhone through the upcoming Apple Glass. Earlier, Apple had used the same technology in Apple Watch and Mac. Earlier, Apple Watch users had the facility to open the MacBook. Expanding on that, the company is now preparing to use the technology in the glass as well. According to the company, AR technology has been used for that. There will be a feature to see the display through the glasses. The glass is expected to go public by 2021. According to Apple Insider, after connecting the glasses to the iPhone, all the data will come to the display of the glasses, and the iPhone can be unlocked easily. Even the user does not have to look at the phone to open

The world's largest illegal marketplace Dark Web closed

The world's largest illegal marketplace Dark Web closed The Dark Web Marketplace, the world's largest black market, has closed. Gizmodo quoted officials as saying that Europol Coordinated International Operations had taken the web platform offline. The German authorities have arrested an Australian national believed to be the operator of the illegal site. Also, 20 dark web-hosted servers have been seized. According to Europol, Darkmarket, which had 500,000 users before closing, had a turnover of 320,000. The Dark Web Marketplace was rife with drugs and stolen credit card fraud, as well as malware and viruses. Europol estimates that the site is currently trading at 140 million euros. Which used to happen in Bitcoin and Monero. European authorities plan to use a dark market server seized from Ukraine and Moldova to investigate buyers and sellers using the site for criminal transactions. According to a report in The Guardian, a large investigation into the web hosting company Cybe

What's the secret to Google's 'I'm Feeling Lucky' feature?

What's the secret to Google's 'I'm Feeling Lucky' feature? If you've used Google search, you've probably seen the words 'I'm feeling lucky'. It appears on the home page of Google search. Below the Google search box are two options. In which the first Google search is done and the next I am feeling lucky. After all, what is the whole story of I'm Falling Lucky? When did it start and what is it used for? Does this feature hurt Google? Today we are trying to answer all these questions. Some may even be aware of this feature in advance. If you don't know, stay tuned. You can reap the benefits of choosing the 'IM Feeling Lucky' option. As soon as you type any keyword in the search box and select 'I'm Feeling Lucky', then Google will immediately take you directly to the first search result website related to that keyword. This means you won't see any ads or other search results. For example, if you type ranjitstha in a G