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Jack Ma turned China's Money Supermarket into a 200 billion company

Jack Ma turned China's Money Supermarket into a  200 billion company Sixteen years ago, Jack Mae introduced a small payment service to strengthen his online shopping empire. Only a few expected it to succeed. Now this service has become the backbone of Ant Group. The payment system is now the 200 billion property of Ant Group. Jack Ma, the founder, believes that small things are beautiful and powerful, so the group is named Ant. Ant Group is a small business entity in China. Ant Group is currently preparing to issue its public shares in Hong Kong and Shanghai. With this IPO issuance, Jack Ma will issue the second-largest IPO ever. "Ant Group is a goldmine for Jack Ma and for China's Internet industry," said Edith Young, general partner at Race Capital. Ant Group is one of the world's largest technology companies and China's largest online payment platform. The app is present in all aspects of China's financial life. It has a presence in everything from inv