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These are 15 tips suggested by Nepal Police to prevent Facebook ID hacking

 These are 15 tips suggested by Nepal Police to prevent Facebook ID hacking Recently, in the context of the increasing incidence of Facebook account hacking, Nepal Police has given various suggestions to avoid this problem. By releasing a video on Wednesday, the police has suggested ways to avoid account hacking. According to the statistics of Nepal Police Headquarters Cyber Bureau, out of 9013 complaints filed in the previous financial year (2079/80), 6782 complaints were related to cyber crimes committed through Facebook. Similarly, 140 complaints were received from the marketplace, 220 regarding gift fraud, 1230 regarding hack and fraud, and 27 regarding beneficiary. Till this period of this financial year (2080/81), 8628 complaints have been lodged with the Cyber Bureau, out of which 6915 are related to cyber crimes committed by Facebook. Similarly, 340 complaints have been received from market placement, 225 from gift fraud, 378 from hack and fraud and eight from beneficiary. In r

Is the iPhone 15 you are going to buy real or fake? Find out like this

 Is the iPhone 15 you are going to buy real or fake? Find out like this   When a new model of iPhone comes to the market, the number of fake variants also increases. Most of the users are buying fake iPhones even after paying a good price because they cannot distinguish whether it is original or not. So that the user does not have to face the same problem, Apple has included a secret way to distinguish whether the phone is official or not in the iPhone 15. Apple has put an invisible watermarking system on the box for this. In X, Licker, whose name is Majin Bu, posted a video showing how the system works. First of all in the video the QR code is not visible anywhere on the box. But later, if the Ultra Violet (UV) light is turned on, the QR code appears on two parts of the box. With the help of the same QR code, users can distinguish whether the device is official or not. But there is also a risk that the scammer can create another similar watermark. But the QR code in it is considered m

iPhone 15 Pro Max Apple's weakest smartphone so far!

 iPhone 15 Pro Max Apple's weakest smartphone so far! The iPhone 15 has failed the 'durability test'. The iPhone 15 Pro Max failed in a test conducted by YouTuber Jerry Rigg. The iPhone is the weakest phone in 15 decades, according to a YouTuber rig test. Before that, in 2014, Apple's iPhone 6 failed the durability test. Thus, the company has promoted the iPhone 15 as the strongest and most durable phone ever. According to the company, powerful metal titanium has been used in iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max. Apple claims that it is much stronger and more durable than 7000 grade aluminum. As strong as it is, the iPhone 15 proved to be very weak compared to other devices in the tests conducted by YouTuber Rig. First, the rig performed a scratch test on the iPhone 15 Pro Max with a sharp knife. As Apple claims to have a powerful display in the iPhone 15, Rigg did a scratch test of the screen. A scratch appeared on the screen for the seventh time. After that, he did not test the

Can non-Apple USB cables really be used on the iPhone 15?

 Can non-Apple USB cables really be used on the iPhone 15? The most significant change in the iPhone 15, the latest series of iPhones, is the replacement of the Lightning port by USB-C. However, since last week, the phones of the series have been officially available in the Apple Store. But one question still lingers in the minds of many: Will the old USB-C cables work with the new flagship lineup? Apple has introduced USB-C, a global standard used for charging, syncing data, and playing video and audio. Even the company itself has mentioned that the iPhone can be charged through a USB-C cable and power adapter made of the USB-C standard. "Such cables and power adapters are widely available from Apple and other manufacturers," Apple said. According to which, other USB-C cables can also be used in iPhone 15 series smartphones. In this way, you don't need a cable made by Apple on the iPhone 15. Before the iPhone 15 was announced last week, a topic related to the connectivit