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5 harmful gadgets for pregnant women

5 harmful gadgets for pregnant women If you are becoming a mother, you are definitely spending your day relaxing. You may be using social media like chatting with relatives online, laptops, and mobile to spend your free time. But you may not know how much these gadgets are harming the development of your unborn baby. Excessive use of wireless gadgets can cause radiation to the mother and baby. Pregnant mothers should always avoid two types of radiation. The first is non-ionizing radiation. Simply put, radiation from home appliances such as microwaves, ovens, and television sets. The second is ionizing radiation. Such radiation is emitted from X-rays. Pregnant women should avoid high-frequency radiation emitted from mobile phones, wireless telephones, Wi-Fi routers, and microwave ovens. Today we are going to tell you about five gadgets that should not be used during pregnancy. Less use of which helps in the natural development of the unborn child. 1. Wifi router Regarding the use of WiF

Now the glasses will open the iPhone, this is Apple's preparation

Now the glasses will open the iPhone, this is Apple's preparation Apple Glass, which Apple is about to build, is now going to end the hassle of iPhone users having to keep their phones unlocked. Apple has just received a patent for this technology. At the same time, the company has stated that it will bring a system that can open the iPhone through the upcoming Apple Glass. Earlier, Apple had used the same technology in Apple Watch and Mac. Earlier, Apple Watch users had the facility to open the MacBook. Expanding on that, the company is now preparing to use the technology in the glass as well. According to the company, AR technology has been used for that. There will be a feature to see the display through the glasses. The glass is expected to go public by 2021. According to Apple Insider, after connecting the glasses to the iPhone, all the data will come to the display of the glasses, and the iPhone can be unlocked easily. Even the user does not have to look at the phone to open