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Artificial intelligence is also fighting in the laboratory

Artificial intelligence is also fighting in the laboratory The death toll has exceeded ten thousand. Scientists around the world are desperate to find a cure for the deadly virus. There is no ‘instrument’ behind. The pace at which the virus is spreading, making it impossible for humans to handle the research. So the world's fastest supercomputer is helping scientists. E.g., ‘Summit’ and ‘Sierra’. The first is at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the United States. The second supercomputer is in the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. There are two computers in the first and second place in terms of speed. Scientists say that Summit can calculate 200 quadrillions (1 quadrillion, that is, 15 after 0) every second. In other words, it is 10 lakh times more powerful than a good laptop. Research is underway on various chemicals to control the virus. The novel coronavirus is looking for a chemical that will lose energy. Different organizations are working day and night to make medi

The AI ​​model predicted the end of the Corona pandemic in December

The AI ​​model predicted the end of the Corona pandemic in December At the moment, the only question on everyone's mind is, "When will the global coronavirus end?" Data scientists are also trying to find an answer to this question. He has adopted the SIR (susceptible, infected, recovered) mathematical model for his predictions, which has been used to analyze the spread and recovery of the epidemic. Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) has included certified infected patients, tests, and deaths in its AI model and assessed the life cycle of Coded-19 with their help. According to his AI model, the global epidemic will end in December, while the duration of its eradication varies in different countries. It will end in June in Australia and in October in Italy. Experts warn that the data and model could not be used to diagnose the complexity of the disease and many other factors. However, experts believe that the data predicts a plan to ease or tighten the loc

AI technology will help doctors

 AI technology will help doctors, the severity of infected patients will be known soon All kinds of research are going on around the world for the treatment of Coronavirus. The results of some are encouraging, but in most cases, time is needed to check the comprehensiveness of the results of the research, which is very lacking. In a recent research, scientists have developed a tool of Artificial Intelligence which will give information about newly infected patients about the possibility of developing severe respiratory disease. What was found in the research A study published in the Journal of Computers Materials and Continua, according to the Times of India news, has found that till now the signs/symptoms used to ascertain how likely the patient's condition is to be serious are incorrect. In research, it has been found that what are the signs from which it can be found that the condition of the patient is going to be serious. Doctors can get big help New York University clinical a