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Are you stuck on Android and Google TV? Such is the difference

 Are you stuck on Android and Google TV? Such is the difference Some may think that Android and Google TV are the same. Since Android is under Google, it seems natural. But again both these TVs are made by Google. So are Android and Google TV the same? The answer is exactly no. Let's understand them like this, both these TVs have the same DNA. But the experience of both TVs is different. Android TV has become the go-to operating system for many smart TVs and streaming devices. Or Android TV is the basic software required for TV. Android TV is more popular than other popular options Nvidia Shield and Razer Forge TV. However, in September 2020, Google introduced Google TV. But Google TV is not a new system. This is just a new look of Android TV. You may think of it as the way Android phone manufacturers change the look of a phone. More simply, Google TV is the new version of Android TV. Because Google TV is based on Android TV. The difference is that Google TV offers a new and differ

Sitting near the phone or TV, the company can secretly listen to your gossip!

 Sitting near the phone or TV, the company can secretly listen to your gossip! When is your own phone dangerous for you? Overuse or phone becomes a medium to listen to your conversation? Recently, a company called Cox Media Group (CMG) has claimed that it can listen to user conversations through smartphones, smart TVs or other devices. The company claims to have developed a technology capable of displaying advertisements based on user conversations. According to media organization 404 Media, CMG has named it as active listening technique. The company also posted a blog on its website and gave brief information about the capabilities and uses of this technology. Now the blog post has been deleted by the company. (Click here to read the blog archive written by the company.) The blog post mentions that this technology uses microphone data from smartphones and other devices for advertising. In other words, the company claims that it can listen to the pre-purchase conversation of the user t

Here's how to change the screen saver on Android TV

Here's how to change the screen saver on Android TV The demand for Android TV has been high lately. The younger generation is also attracted to it as various apps can be used on TV. As a result, various features are being added to the TV every year. Even the TV screen can be adjusted as you wish. This does not mean that the screen of the TV can be changed like in the case of Android phones. But, you can also fix something. One of them is 'Screen Saver'. On Android TV you can have a screen saver just like on a smartphone. With the help of which the attraction can be made like a frame even when the TV on the wall is turned off. In which high-quality photos, time, and weather can be kept. For that, you will find dozens of 'screen saver apps' in the Google Play Store. With the help of which you can give a new look to your Android TV. To do this, click on the Google Play Store on the TV and type 'screen saver' or 'daydream' in its search bar. There will b

Time the robot will read the news on TV

This time the robot will read the news on TV, the news anchor will work in a special way Not humans, robots will work for the newsreader this time. What will that experience be like? See for yourself. Looks like a human. He will also speak in the manner of any news anchor. If it is sad news, that news will fall on your face. He will give happy news with a smile. It doesn't look like 'he' is human. Robots that look like humans will read the news this time. Robot News Anchor has already been made in China. This newsreader will work through the technology of Artificial Intelligence. China's Xinhua News Agency and the country's search engine company Sogou have jointly created the world's first news anchor powered by artificial intelligence. Two such newsreaders have been made public at the World Internet Conference. According to the South China Morning Post and Jinghua, these newsreaders will greatly reduce the cost of running a TV channel. Because they can work 24

Only thinking will change TV channels

 After five years, your TV will be like this You will not have to press any buttons at all in the coming time. A lot of your work will be solved by Artificial Intelligence. There is tremendous innovation happening in the television world. Every day television companies are thinning the screen. Now the screen has started coming to the curve. New functions are being upgraded. Developers are no longer limited to channels by connecting the TV with apps. Today's Smart TV has all that a smartphone can have. In the future, smart TVs will be even more artistic and surprising. Smart TVs will be more aware of people's trends and your TV viewing experience will become more amazing. In fact, consumer electronics companies are working on such smart TVs, which humans can control with their minds. Only thinking will change TV channels TV companies have been working on the project for a long time and its trial is expected to start in Switzerland next year. With the help of this technology, the