Time the robot will read the news on TV

This time the robot will read the news on TV, the news anchor will work in a special way

Not humans, robots will work for the newsreader this time. What will that experience be like? See for yourself.

Looks like a human. He will also speak in the manner of any news anchor. If it is sad news, that news will fall on your face. He will give happy news with a smile. It doesn't look like 'he' is human.

Robots that look like humans will read the news this time. Robot News Anchor has already been made in China. This newsreader will work through the technology of Artificial Intelligence.

China's Xinhua News Agency and the country's search engine company Sogou have jointly created the world's first news anchor powered by artificial intelligence. Two such newsreaders have been made public at the World Internet Conference.

According to the South China Morning Post and Jinghua, these newsreaders will greatly reduce the cost of running a TV channel. Because they can work 24 hours a day. In addition, you will be able to read breaking news very soon.

These two news anchors are made to read the news in Chinese and English. Online, TV: They will read the news everywhere.

When the anchors were unveiled at a Chinese internet conference, a robot anchor said, "I've been cloned as a newsreader. I was taught television news coverage. If you put the text in front of me, I can read the news like a television anchor. "

Not only newsreaders but also China is using artificial intelligence to streamline its policing system.