Artificial intelligence will not be a threat to jobs, this will benefit

Artificial intelligence will not be a threat to jobs, this will benefit

Questions are arising again and again about Artificial Intelligence that will increase the risk of jobs. NITI Aayog believes that with the advent of Artificial Intelligence, the nature of jobs will change and new employment opportunities will be available. There will also be computers and robots to help them. Apart from this, due to the Artificial Intelligence algorithm, the delayers will be able to do it immediately. At the same time, NASSCOM is also talking about re-skilling IT workers.

Take lessons from history

Speaking at the seminar on NASSCOM's Deep Technology on Tuesday, Anna Roy, who is known as Advisor and Artificial Intelligence Lady (AI) in the NITI Aayog, said that the arrival of Artificial Intelligence will provide new opportunities for jobs. He said that it can play an important role in preventing confusion among people. Anna reminded the history of 30 years ago that when the computer era was about to start in the country, there were many strikes to get jobs in public sector banks, but nothing like this happened. He said that we need to take a lesson from history. The introduction of new technology will change job profiles and create new jobs.

Need to re-skill

Debjani Ghosh, president of NASSCOM, says that new technology will create new jobs for the people. He said that at least 55 types of new job profiles will be created with deep technology. He said that in the next few years, NASSCOM's first priority would be to re-skill 40 lakh IT workers in the country for future technology. It will also be the biggest challenge for NASSCOM that in the next four-five years at least 2 million people have to be re-skilled first.

Accelerate 10X Launch

Earlier on Tuesday, NASSCOM announced to launch the second phase of Accelerate 10X for the country's startups. NASSCOM says that they aim to have 10,000 funded start-ups in the country by 2023. They have 20 times seed funding. According to NASSCOM, in 2017, the number of tech start-ups has increased by 25–30 percent to over 700. At the same time, funding has increased by 70 percent in Artificial Intelligence Startups. About 50 percent of the firms in the country are emphasizing on the use of artificial intelligence in their products. The Internet of Things Units (IoT) has grown rapidly and is projected to grow from 60 million to 1.9 billion by 2020.

India at number three in start-ups

Debjani Ghosh said that under Deep Technology, Accelerate 10X should have at least 3 times Tech Startups, along with 50 times Deep Tech Patents, 30 times Deep Tech Funding, and India's ranking in the Top 25 in Innovation. According to Debjani, India's ranking in the start-ups' ecosystem has been ranked third in the last few years. He said that Facebook, Google, IBM, Microsoft, and Amazon Web Services are going to install Deep Engineering Tech Labs across the country. He says that both Deep Tech and Artificial Intelligence will prove to be changing the economic nature of the country. He informed that under this program, 10,000 start-ups of the country will be given mentorship and will be prepared for future technology.