Now the computer will think like a human's brain, this chip will work wonders

Now the computer will think like a human's brain, this chip will work wonders

Learners have succeeded in developing a chip that can think like anger or love feelings arising within a human being. For this, the chip involves activities similar to the neuron located in the human brain. Artificial technology has been used in this chip in some way that will make the work of security system or investigation in robots or computers more accurate.

According to the report published in the famous tech journal 'Science and Technology Daily', this chip has been developed based on Beijing's Cambricon technology. According to the report, this Cambricon chip will not be commercially available in the market very soon, but it will bring a big revolution in the Artificial Intelligence industry. Chen Tianashi, an expert at the Institute of Computing Technology at the US-based Academy of Sciences, said that more than one billion smart users will be able to use this chip globally.

Experts told that this chip will make the smart device think exactly the way a human brain thinks. Its use will completely change the ability of robots and computers to operate any device. This chip will include activities similar to the neuron present in the human brain, which will be able to give strength to any computer like a human brain. When this chip is used in computers or robots, they will be able to develop exactly the activities that occur in the human mind during anger or other emotions.

Cambricon Company receives financial support from a number of large internet companies including Alibaba, Lenovo, and i-Flitch. The company hopes to cover 30% of the world's AI market within the next 3 years.

Where will the new chip be used?

The new Cambricon chip will be used in photo identification, security checks, intellectual driving, use of drones, and voice recognition. These are all such areas in the computer world that are used in robots and related activities. For this reason, this new chip will bring major changes in computing and robot technology. In addition to this, artificial intelligence technology has developed computers and robots that play mind games like chess, which have the ability to cut each move and think the next. But this chip will also understand the state of mind that arises during human anger and love. This can bring a big revolution in the world of robots or computers.