Suddenly getting old!

Suddenly getting old! From celebs to the general public in the new app

In one leap, the age has increased to 40 years. Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram are full of old people. Time warp? Since Tuesday, there has been a rush to increase one's age all over the world. Curly hair, a little fat, two or three decades later, how it feels to see yourself, the rush to see me in the virtual mirror to know the secret of aging.

Just your friend or acquaintance? Hollywood, Bollywood and the sports world are floating in the tide. Nick Jonas and Priyanka's two Deors, actor Arjun Kapoor and Varun Dhawan are on the list. Tottenham Hotspur have also stepped up the age of Harry Kane, the team's captain. Some of the blogs themselves have taken the initiative to make Bollywood superstars, members of the Indian cricket team.

This is a mobile app with an artificial intelligence called FaceApp. There are so many apps on Facebook that find a celebrity match with you, even make an old one. But nothing else is as perfect as FaceApp.

Through artificial intelligence, it is pulling the imagination at your age that you will fall in love with yourself. And this is the USP of this app.

A couple of years ago, a group of Russian app developers brought this app to the market. The popularity of the 2019 app has taken a new turn. But not only aging, this blessed app can also reduce age. Can change hair-beard style. Even if you are bored, you can put a smile on your face.

The number of downloads for this app has already exceeded 50 million. But when the whole world is engrossed in this face app, some people are also frowning. If you want to use this app, you have to give it access to your phone's photo. Cyber ​​experts fear, the app is not automatically eavesdropping on your camera? Or storing your picture on their own server?

Of course, the average phone and internet user cares little. They are now busy decorating themselves with the idea of ​​artificial intelligence.

The rush to 'grow old', the danger hidden in the app

In old age, Zara lost her youth and regained her youth in the movie 'Don't Come to 80'. Over the last few days, however, the new generation on Facebook has become 'old'. With the help of a mobile application, a new generation of citizens is posting pictures of their future across Facebook.

In fact, the app runs with artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence. It is becoming clear that if someone's picture is given there, it will increase or decrease the age for the sake of technology, even if it is a woman instead of a man. The joke is going on with this. But the debate has also started in the net-world. Many people say that the user's pictures and information are going to the app maker in the 'trap' of Nirmal Anand. Many have also expressed concern about what the app, made by a Russian company, can do with the information.

According to Sandeep Sengupta, director of the Indian School of Ethical Hacking, many people have posted pictures of themselves on the app. They are on the company's server. Now many laptops and smartphones open with a picture of the user's face (face recognition password). As a result, the password may go to the company. In addition, such apps are often used as a surveillance tool by intelligence agencies. So many users' pictures and information are stored on the app's server. With it, it is possible to monitor their movements and attitudes. In the words of Sandeep Babu, "Mark Zuckerberg himself is afraid of leaking personal information. Pictures of him turning off his laptop camera and microphone are viral in the net world! ”According to Sandeep, there is a competition for information from both the public and private sectors. Which will take on a larger size in the coming days.

Cyber ​​experts say that many people do not read the terms before using this app. As a result, he unknowingly accepted those terms. Under the terms, the app allows the user to use his or her personal information for free. Not only that, he is also posting the information of his friends on Facebook on the server of the company. All the pictures he is using in that app are also going to the company. In fact, once in 2016, the noise started with this app. As the app became popular in a new way, the controversy started again.

According to cyber expert Vibhas Chatterjee, all these apps give temporary pleasure. But personal information should not be given to private companies in return. No one knows how this information will be used later. In the words of Vibhasbabu, "After the passage of the bill on protection of personal information, the use of such information will come under legal jurisdiction." Illegal use of the information could lead to jail time and fines for the officials of the concerned agencies. ”

Cyber ​​experts say that this is not just an app, there are thousands more apps in the net-world to get the trap of data collection. Users are constantly stepping into the trap of that app without knowing it.

Do you need to be a little careful this time before Nirmal Anand?

The question is getting stronger.