Artificial intelligence will give employment opportunities in future, experts claim

Artificial intelligence will give employment opportunities in future, experts claim

V Kamakoti, president of the Artificial Intelligence Task Force, said AI is ready to bring economic changes in the coming few years. Said that all the systems in the machine, which make intelligent decisions, can be called artificial intelligence.

He said that Digital India is providing a huge opportunity to promote AI. He said that every project approved by the government can be geotagged and reviewed and monitored.

Dr. Anurag Aggarwal, Director, CSIR Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology New Delhi, gave a detailed presentation on Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence.

He said that AI can also play an important role in the medical field. Dr. Shantanu Chaudhary, Director, CSIR Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute Pilani Rajasthan, gave a presentation on Artificial Intelligence for inclusive growth.

Kunal Satyarthi, Member Secretary, Him cast S Himachal Pradesh proposed the vote of thanks. Additional Chief Secretaries BK Aggarwal and Anil Khachi, Principal Secretaries RD Dhiman, Prabodh Saxena, and Omkar Sharma Secretaries Arun Sharma and Purnima Chauhan and other senior officials were also present on the occasion.

The job of 1 crore people in danger due to robot

There is no denying that if science is a boon for humanity, it is also a curse. We have to face many dangerous effects of science in the days to come.

The latest example of this is the UK, where robots may lose about 10 million employees from their jobs.

According to the news published on the English website The Guardian, robots will replace about 10 million employees in the coming 15 years. According to a report by consultancy firm PwC, about 30 percent of jobs in the UK are at risk of artificial intelligence. While in some areas, more than half of the jobs can go.

However, according to the report of PwC, artificial intelligence technology i.e. Artificial Intelligence Technology will increase productivity as well as create new job opportunities. According to the report, about 2.2 million employees are in danger of being employed in the wholesale and retail sector, which is the highest employment in the UK.