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How is a cyber attack from photos?

How is a cyber attack from photos? You need to be very careful about keeping your device and your data safe from viruses, phishing, and infected Wi-Fi networks. One of the most overlooked areas of data security challenges is photography. Many people may not know that the photos on our devices can also contain malware.

6 Bug found in the mobile browser, threat of 'address bar spoofing' attack

6 Bug found in the mobile browser, threat of 'address bar spoofing' attack Cyber ​​security researchers have found bugs (address bar spoofing) in six popular mobile browsers, including Safari and Opera. Address bar spoofing vulnerabilities have affected these mobile browsers and opened the door for malware delivery, phishing and malicious activity, the researchers said. The security vulnerabilities found in some browsers have been resolved and some are still problematic. The bug was discovered by Rapid Seven and independent Pakistani researcher Rafi Baloch. The six different browsers include Apple Safari, Opera Touch / Mini, Yandex, Bolt, RITS and UC Browser. They point out that these browsers allow cyber attackers to present fake webpage addresses. Users use such browsers for all kinds of applications needed in daily life. UC Web and Ballet Browser have already patched the bug, while Opera is expected to fix the bug by November 12. The attackers were found to be using executab

Photos can be a malware attack!

Photos can be a malware attack!  How sensitive are you to the security of your device? If you are very sensitive, you will not open a file or attachment from anywhere so easily. You are always aware of the dangers of various types of cyberattacks such as phishing attacks or scams. Therefore, before opening or downloading a file, you need to make sure at the outset about the person and purpose of sending it. But even if someone sends you a picture, you pay the same attention to Rs Of course, when it comes to photos, you're not so focused on security. Just take the photo lightly and open it. Save to your album. But in reality, it is an unhealthy practice. If those images are also melancholy, the result is just as deadly. It damages your device and steals data. The latest example of this is the Instagram vulnerability revealed by the cybersecurity company Checkpoint this week. In which it was revealed that any crafted picture can hijack the entire Instagram account. However, Facebook