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Advertising is also coming on Netflix, will the number of subscribers increase?

Advertising is also coming on Netflix, will the number of subscribers increase? Now Netflix is ​​under pressure from all sides. Netflix's subscribers are dwindling as other competitors like itself grow in the market. With the decline in subscribers, more than 450 employees have been laid off this year alone.

This is how Amazon secretly controls the Internet

This is how Amazon secretly controls the Internet Did you know that Amazon controls the daily traffic to the World Wide Web? The Netflix you watch, the BBC you read, the Disney Zoom app you use all depends on the technical infrastructure under the direct control of the world's richest man Jeff Bezos. Today we are going to tell you about it in detail. It all started in 2002 when Amazon Web Services (AWS) was first created as a department within Amazon. It was started under the leadership of Jeff Bezos in a small building with very little internal technical infrastructure. Jeff Bezos was known to the world only as a general online book retailer. But the following year, in 2003, two AWS engineers, Chris Pinkham and Benjamin Black, suggested that the Slick New Server service not only help their company grow stronger and faster but also sell it to other third-party companies. It opened up additional revenue for Amazon and generated revenue of $11.6 billion in the third quarter of 2020.

Now you can watch movies with a timer on Netflix

Now you can watch movies with a timer on Netflix  Video streaming platform Netflix is ​​testing a new feature. Which allows users to watch their favorite shows and movies with a timer. This feature is currently available for testing among some Android users. The company is testing a new feature with a plan to further refine the user's video viewing experience. According to the company, this feature is currently being tested only among adult profile users. However, based on the feedback from there, it will also be made available in the Kids profile. According to a company spokesperson, it will be used worldwide after testing. The company believes that it will give a new look to the user's video viewing experience. This will save the user from the hassle of watching Netflix at night, especially at night, or by not knowing how much time it is.

Netflix movies and series can now be viewed without a subscription

Netflix movies and series can now be viewed without a subscription If you don't have a Netflix subscription, don't worry. Netflix has brought a special kind of gift for its users. Through which users will be able to take advantage of free streaming on weekends. The company is offering this service as Screamfest. But it starts in India. Netflix has brought such an offer with the aim of connecting more people to its platform. Even users who do not have a Netflix subscription will be able to watch the series and movies for free on the last two days of the week. If you want to watch Netflix on days other than the last two days of the week, you need to subscribe to the company. The company has not said for sure when the service will start. However, it is expected to start by December. According to a published report, the one-month free subscription offered to users in the United States will be discontinued once the Screamfest plan is made public. Not only that, Netflix has come up w

Older Mac computers do not play Netflix's 4K video

Older Mac computers do not play Netflix's 4K video Apple is releasing a new operating system, Mac OS Big Sir. With the advent of this new operating system, you can watch Netflix's 4K HDR video content. But the Netflix support document states that these Netflix content will only be supported by the new MacBooks after 2018 and the latest MacBook with Apple's T2 security chip. Only devices with iMac (2020), iMac Pro, Mac Pro (2019), Mac Mini (2018), MacBook Air (2018 and later), and MacBook Pro (2018 and later) will support Netflix's 4K  content. You can check if the Mac you are using has a T2 chip. It is theoretically possible to watch Netflix's Forke video content from older iMac and Mac laptops before 2018. But because of the security chip, its built-in display, or 4k, FiveK monitor can't even view Netflix's Fork content. But neither Netflix nor Apple has commented on why the T2 security chip is so important. But since the T2 chip can play the role of a co-p

world record on internet speed

New world record on internet speed, all Netflix videos can be downloaded in 1 second! Fast internet till now, do you know what is the speed of the fastest internet in the world? If not, leave. Today we are giving you the news of an amazing and surprising discovery. Researchers at University College London (UCL) have set a new world record for the world's fastest internet at 178 terabytes per second (TBPS). You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. 178 Tbps speed in simple language to understand the speed of one lakh 78 thousand Gbps. That is, if an HD movie is one GB, you can download one lakh 78 thousand such movies in one second. The project, led by researchers at University College London, was led by Dr. Lydia Galdino. Earlier, Australia had the record for the fastest internet speed. At that time, the fastest internet speed in the world was 44.2 Tbps. This means that the new internet speed is four times faster than the previous fastest