Older Mac computers do not play Netflix's 4K video

Older Mac computers do not play Netflix's 4K video

Apple is releasing a new operating system, Mac OS Big Sir. With the advent of this new operating system, you can watch Netflix's 4K HDR video content.

But the Netflix support document states that these Netflix content will only be supported by the new MacBooks after 2018 and the latest MacBook with Apple's T2 security chip.

Only devices with iMac (2020), iMac Pro, Mac Pro (2019), Mac Mini (2018), MacBook Air (2018 and later), and MacBook Pro (2018 and later) will support Netflix's 4K  content.

You can check if the Mac you are using has a T2 chip. It is theoretically possible to watch Netflix's Forke video content from older iMac and Mac laptops before 2018.

But because of the security chip, its built-in display, or 4k, FiveK monitor can't even view Netflix's Fork content. But neither Netflix nor Apple has commented on why the T2 security chip is so important.

But since the T2 chip can play the role of a co-processor, it is expected to handle fork content better.

The T2 chip has built-in video processing power. Which also supports popular HEVC codecs. According to Mack's website, the T2 chip can make transcoding HEVC video twice as fast as the previous generation.

Mac users aren't the only ones who need to watch Netflix's 4k videos. In Windows, you will need to have Windows Ten and use Microsoft Edge and Netflix app. At the same time, it needs to have a capable display and a powerful CPU and GPU.