Here's how to use an SD card as internal storage

Here's how to use an SD card as internal storage

If your Android smartphone has limited internal storage, you are probably running into a lot of problems. The phone notifies that there is not enough storage even when the internal storage is not fully used.

In fact, half or one-third of the storage is for software updates. That's why you have problems installing new apps. Also, videos and photos are not clicked from the phone camera.

Today we are giving you information on how to use a memory card or SD card as internal storage. This trick does not require any application. This is easily accomplished through phone settings.

Suppose your phone has 4 GB of internal storage and 32 GB of memory card, then the total memory of FAN can be made up to 32 GB. After this process, all the files will be saved on the memory card.

Use the smart SD card as internal storage

1. First of all, put the SD card in the phone.

2. Go to Phone Settings and tap on Storage & USB Options.

3. You will see the name of the SD card below the storage options.

4. Tap on the SD card. Doing so will open a new page.

5. Now three vertical dots will appear at the top right of the screen, tap on it.

6. You will then see 2 options, in which you have to tap on Storage Settings.

Use SD Card Internal 2

7. Now tap on Format Edge Internal option. Now tap on Erase and Format option. After this, the process of making internal storage of the SD card will start.

Use SD Card Internal 4

8. Now you will see a notification on the screen that your SD card is slow. Press the OK button to continue.

9. You can then move the data to the new storage.